Monsieur Fabre

Monsieur Fabre (Mr Fabre) is a 90-minute black and white French film comedy from 1951, directed by Henri Diamant-Berger and produced by Diamant-Berger and Walter Futter.[1] It was on 35mm film, in 1,37:1 format, with monophonic sound. It was released in France on 5 July 1951.


It centres on the life of the entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre and his total devotion to studying insect behavior, travelling from Avignon to Paris, from Paris to his death in Sérignan. He is honoured by the French president Raymond Poincaré and his patience, obstinacy and knowledge are also recognised by Napoleon III, the publisher Charles Delagrave and the philosopher John Stuart Mill. They reach their climax in his book, Souvenirs entomologiques.




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