Monobactams are monocyclic and bacterially-produced β-lactam antibiotics. The β-lactam ring is not fused to another ring, in contrast to most other β-lactams.[1] Monobactams are effective only against aerobic Gram-negative bacteria (e.g., Neisseria, Pseudomonas). Siderophore-conjugated monobactams show promise for the treatment of multi drug-resistant pathogens.[2]

Aztreonam is a commercially available monobactam antibiotic. Other examples of monobactams are tigemonam,[3] nocardicin A, and tabtoxin.

Adverse effects to monobactams can include skin rash and occasional abnormal liver functions.

Monobactam antibiotics exhibit no IgE cross-reactivity reactions with penicillin but have shown some cross reactivity with cephalosporins, most notably ceftazidime, which contains an identical side chain as aztreonam.[4] Monobactams can trigger seizures in patients with history of seizures, although the risk is lower than with penicillins.


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