Monju (train)

The Monju (文殊) was a limited express train service operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) in Japan from 1996 until March 2011. It operated between Shin-Osaka and Amanohashidate via the Fukuchiyama Line and Kitakinki Tango Railway, and was one of the services that made up JR West's "Big X Network".

183 series EMU on a Monju service at Amanohashidate Station, August 2009
Service typeLimited express
First service1996
Last service2011
Current operator(s)JR West
Line(s) usedFukuchiyama Line, Kitakinki Tango Railway
Rolling stock183 series
Operating speed120 km/h (75 mph) (max.)

Service pattern

As of December 2010, there was one return Monju service daily between Shin-Osaka and Amanohashidate, stopping at the following stations.[1]

Shin-Osaka - Osaka - Amagasaki - Takarazuka - Sanda - Sasayamaguchi - Kaibara - Fukuchiyama - Ōe - Miyazu - Amanohashidate

Rolling stock

This service was operated with 4-car 183 series electric multiple unit trains based at Fukuchiyama Depot.[2] Green (first class) car accommodation was provided in car 1.[1]


The Maizuru service was introduced in March 1996.

From 18 March 2007, all cars were made non-smoking.[3]

Maizuru services were discontinued from the start of the 12 March 2011 timetable revision.[4]


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