Mongoose (web server)

Mongoose is a cross-platform embedded web server and networking library with functions including TCP, a HTTP client + server, WebSocket client + server, MQTT client + broker and more.

Original author(s)Sergey Lyubka
Developer(s)Cesanta Software Limited[1]
Stable release
6.15 / June 13, 2019 (2019-06-13)
Written inC
Operating systemCross-platform [2]
TypeWeb server
LicenseDual license: GPLv2 and commercial license[3]

The small footprint of the software enables any Internet-connected device to function as a web server.[4] Mongoose is available under GPLv2 and commercial licenses.


Mongoose is built on top of the Mongoose Embedded Library which can be used for the implementation of RESTful services to, for example, serve Web-UIs on embedded devices or create RPC frameworks (e.g. JSON-RPC). Mongoose is primarily supported on Windows, MacOS, Linux, QNX, eCOS, FreeRTOS, Android and iOS.[2]

Via an API, Mongoose can be embedded into other programs.[5]


Mongoose is used by several companies[6] in various industries.[1]


Functions of Mongoose include:[7]

License change

In August 2013, the license was changed[9][10] from the MIT license to a dual GPLv2/commercial licensing scheme.[11] After the license change, Mongoose was forked & these forks eventually diverged significantly with new features added.


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