Mok-dong is a ward of Yangcheon-gu, located in the west of Seoul, South Korea.[1][2] Historically an agricultural area known for horse breeding, the dong was developed as a high-density residential area by the military government ahead of the 1988 Summer Olympics not only to meet growing housing demands in Seoul, but also to fill the void on the way from the airport to the stadiums. Commonly referred to as a 'special education district', the upper middle-class neighbourhood is best known for its abundance of private institutions, or Hagwons, as well as quality public schools. It is also home to the headquarters of two broadcasting corporations, SBS and CBS(Christian Broadcasting System). Also situated in Mok-dong are the Hyperion Towers, the tallest of which is 69 storeys and 256 metres high. The tallest tower, Tower A, is the fourth tallest skyscraper in Seoul and one of the tallest residential buildings globally.

Korean transcription(s)
  Revised RomanizationMok-dong
Architecture over Mok-dong
CountrySouth Korea
  Total5.34 km2 (2.06 sq mi)
  Density27,670.79/km2 (71,667.0/sq mi)

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