Mojolicious is a real-time web application framework, written by Sebastian Riedel, creator of the web application framework Catalyst.[3] Licensed as free software under the Artistic License v 2.0, it is written in the Perl programming language, and is designed for use in both simple and complex web applications, based on Riedel's previous experience developing Catalyst.[4] Documentation for the framework was partly funded by a grant from The Perl Foundation.[5]

Original author(s)Sebastian Riedel
Initial releaseSeptember 24, 2008 (2008-09-24)[1]
Stable release
8.23[2] / 2019-08-12[±]
RepositoryMojolicious Repository
Written inPerl
TypeWeb application framework

As it is written in Perl, Mojolicious can run on any of the many operating systems for which Perl is available, and can be installed directly from CPAN.[6] Prebuilt packages of Mojolicious are also available for NetBSD from pkgsrc[7] and for Microsoft Windows and other operating systems from ActiveState's Perl package manager.[8]



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