Moedomo Soedigdomarto

Moedomo Soedigdomarto, also spelled Mudomo Sudigdomarto, (29 November 1927, Magetan – 5 November 2005, Bandung) was an Indonesian mathematician, educator and professor at the Bandung Institute of Technology, of which he was rektor.[1][2]

Soedigdomarto was one of the first Indonesians to obtain a Ph.D. in mathematics, which he earned from the University of Illinois, with a dissertation entitled "A Representation Theory for the Laplace Transform of Vector-Valued Functions", in 1959 at the age of 32, under the orientation of Robert Gardner Bartle.[1][2][3]

Soedigdomarto was the first Indonesian to have a paper recorded in Mathematical Reviews (Moedomo and J. J. Uhl, Jr. "Radon-Nikodym theorems for the Bochner and Pettis integrals" published in the Pacific Journal of Mathematics in 1971).[1][2]


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