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A moe book (萌え本) is a type of instructional book using cute, young-looking characters – collectively referred to as moe or bishōjo (female) and bishōnen (male) – for tutorial purposes, with some illustrated in comic book format.


The oldest known moe book was the Copyright and Legal Guide for Computer Users, published in September 2002. In Moeru Eitango Moetan, published in November 2003, full visual was added. English words examples are heavily inspired by ACG, resulting in over 200,000 books sold. Later, Shuwa System, Eagle Publishing joined the moe book business. In February 2006, Enterbrain published Moeken, which explicitly targeted fans of moe. Also, Ikaros started to publish moe books.

List of moe books and publishers

Mainichi Communications Inc.

  • Copyright and Legal Guide for Computer Users (コンピュータユーザのための著作権&法律ガイド)

SansaiBooks Co., Ltd.

Shuwa System Co., Ltd.

  • <poe-lina/> (ぽえりな)
  • Magical Tunnel SoftEther (魔法のトンネル SoftEther)

Eagle Publishing

  • Moemoe series

JTB Publishing Inc.

MicroMagazine Corporation

Core Magazine

Ikaros Publications Ltd.


Eichi Publishing Inc.

  • Love Yoga (ラブ・ヨガ 萌える『ヨガ教則本』!!)

Online ebooks

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