Modern Trader

Modern Trader is a U.S.-based monthly print investment magazine. The publication was established in 1972 under the name Commodities.[3] The name was changed to Futures in September 1983 and Modern Trader in 2015.[2]

Modern Trader
TypeMonthly Business magazine
(in USA, a registered newspaper)
Owner(s)The Alpha Pages, LLC
EditorDaniel Collins[1]
FoundedSeptember 1972
HeadquartersChicago, IL
Circulation50,000 subscribers per month (2015)[2]

The magazine is a standard source in futures and option trading, and its SourceBook site is a standard reference to US brokerage and related services.[4]

The Commodity channel index was first published in Commodities, before it was renamed to Futures.[5]


The magazine was founded in 1972 as Commodities, published by Leon Rose and Mort Baratz. It was bought in 1976 by Daniel Oster for Merrill.[3] It was bought again by Jeff Joseph's Alpha Pages from Summit Media in 2013.[6][7]


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