Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey

Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey is an album by the New York Rhythm Machine, led by pianist John Hicks.

Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey
Studio album by
New York Rhythm Machine
RecordedOctober 19, 1992
StudioSear Sound, New York City
John Hicks chronology
Blues March: Portrait of Art Blakey
Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey
Beyond Expectations


Pianist John Hicks was part of Art Blakey's band for two years from 1964.[1][2] Blakey died in 1990.[3]

Recording and music

The album was recorded at Sear Sound, New York City, on October 19, 1992.[4] The musicians were Hicks, bassist Marcus McLaurine, and drummer Victor Lewis.[4]


Moanin': Portrait of Art Blakey was released by Venus Records.[4] Venus later issued a CD with the same title, crediting it to Hicks as leader; it contained six tracks, that combined some from the original release and some from Blues March: Portrait of Art Blakey.[4][5]

Track listing

  1. "Moanin'"
  2. "Nica's Dream"
  3. "'Round Midnight"
  4. "Caravan"
  5. "I Remember Clifford"
  6. "No Problem – 2"



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