Mo Collins

Maureen Ann Collins (born July 7, 1965) is an American actress and comedian, known professionally as Mo Collins. She is perhaps best known for being a member of the ensemble on FOX's sketch comedy series Mad TV. Collins became well known for several characters during her tenure on the show.

Mo Collins
Maureen Ann Collins

(1965-07-07) July 7, 1965
OccupationActress, comedian
Years active1996–present
Alex Skuby (m. 2013)

She was a cast member from the 4th season (1998) through the 9th season (2004); she only appeared in fourteen episodes during season 9 due to contractual reasons. She returned to Mad TV in the 10th season for one episode, and again when she made an appearance on the 300th episode doing her popular character Lorraine Swanson. Her best known role following her departure from Mad TV was as morning talk show host Joan Callamezzo on the sitcom Parks and Recreation.


Mad TV

Collins joined the cast of Mad TV at the beginning of season 4 (Fall 1998) and stayed until the end of season 9 (Spring 2004), despite appearing in only 14 episodes during the ninth season. Her popular stint on the show led her to come back to guest star in 2005 during Season 10, in 2007 during the 300th episode on season 13, final episode of season 14 in 2009 and the 20th anniversary reunion special in 2016. She was also known for trying to stifle laughter during some of her skits much like Harvey Korman on The Carol Burnett Show.

Her most featured and arguably most popular characters were Doreen, the screechy-voiced mother of overgrown toddler Stuart (when Mo Collins left the show, Doreen was written off as being asleep after her latest alcoholic bender or never mentioned); the odd, annoying, confused middle-aged woman Lorraine, and the perpetually unlucky Trina.

Collins also did a multitude of celebrity impressions, including Pamela Anderson, Barbara Bush, Cher, Hillary Clinton, Courteney Cox, Judy Garland (as Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz), Jenilee Harrison, Mary Hart, Teri Hatcher, Ann Heche, Catherine Hicks, Angelina Jolie, Jenny Jones, Jane Kaczmarek (as Lois on a Malcolm in the Middle parody called Malcolm X in the Middle), Dina Lohan, Andie MacDowell, Madonna, Penny Marshall (as herself and as Laverne DeFazio from Laverne & Shirley), Audrey Meadows, Mary Tyler Moore (in several "modern-day spin" parodies of The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Alanis Morissette, Pink, Diane Sawyer, Shakira, Martha Stewart, Shania Twain, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Personal life

Collins is in remission from a rare form of cancer known as gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). She was diagnosed in spring 2011 when she noticed an odd lump in her abdomen. Said Collins: "I would have done nothing about it. I was 44, feeling healthy, everything was going great for me, but my fiancé, Alex said, ‘You need to get it checked out’". Collins learned she had a primary tumor in her duodenum and was able to find a doctor who knew enough to know that she needed to see a specialist.[1]


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