Mixpanel is a business analytics service company. It tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication with them.

Operating systemCross-platform (web-based application)
TypeStatistics, Analysis, Cohort Analysis

Its toolset contains in-app A/B tests and user survey forms.[1] Data collected is used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention.[2] Mixpanel works with web applications, in particular SaaS, but also supports mobile apps.


Mixpanel was founded by Suhail Doshi and Tim Trefren in 2009 and is based in San Francisco, California.[3] It is backed by Y Combinator, and its list of investors includes Andreessen Horowitz,[4] Max Levchin and Keith Rabois.[5]

In April 2018, founder and CEO Suhail Doshi announced he would step down and become chairman of the board. He was replaced as CEO by Amir Movafaghi.[6]


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