Missouri Route 52

Route 52 is an east/west highway running from its eastern terminus at Route 133 7 miles (11 km) east of St. Elizabeth to the Kansas state line where it continues as K-52 (this road continues for 23 additional miles). Highway 52 comprises 173 miles (278 km) of primarily two-lane roadway in Missouri.

Route 52
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length173 mi (278 km)
Major junctions
West end K-52 at the Kansas state line
East end Route 133 east of St. Elizabeth
Highway system
Route 51Route 53

Route 52 was formerly Route 24 between Eldon and the Kansas state line. The numbering change was to avoid duplication with the new U.S. Route 24 which came through Missouri in 1926.

Major intersections

Bates K-52 west to US-69Kansas state line
I-49 / US 71 Kansas City, JoplinI-49 exit 131
Butler BL I-49 north (South Orange Street)west end of I-49 Bus. overlap
I-49 north / US 71 north Kansas Citywestbound exit and eastbound entrance; east end of I-49 Bus. overlap; west end of I-49 / US 71 overlap; Route 52 west follows exit 130
I-49 south / US 71 south Joplineast end of I-49 / US 71 overlap; Route 52 east follows exit 129
Route 52 Bus. east Deepwater
Route 13 south Springfieldinterchange; west end of Route 13 overlap

Route 52 Bus. west Deepwater
Route 13 Bus. north Clinton
Route 7 south / Route 18 west Clinton, Warsaw, Historic Downtown Clintonwest end of Route 7 overlap
Route 7 north / Route 13 north Warrensburg, Clintoninterchange; east end of Route 7 / Route 13 overlap
Windsor Route 2 west (Benton Street)
Pettis Route 127 north Green Ridge
county line
Windsor Junction US 65 north Sedaliawest end of US 65 overlap
BentonCole Camp Junction US 65 south Warsawinterchange; east end of US 65 overlap
Morgan Route 135 north Florencewest end of Route 135 overlap
Stover Route 135 south to Route 5 – Business Districteast end of Route 135 overlap
Versailles Route 5 south / Route W south Gravois Millswest end of Route 5 overlap
Route 5 north Tiptoneast end of Route 5 overlap
Route C east High Point, Russellville
US 54 Bus. east
west end of US 54 Bus. overlap
US 54 Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarksinterchange; east end of US 54 Bus. overlap
Tuscumbia Route 17 north Eugenewest end of Route 17 overlap
Route 17 south Iberia, Fort Leonard Woodeast end of Route 17 overlap
Route 133 Meta, Crocker
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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