Mississippi Export Railroad

The Mississippi Export Railroad (MSE) is a 42-mile shortline railroad operating in the state of Mississippi from Pascagoula to Evanston. It is the north-south corridor connecting to the Canadian National and the east-west line of CSX in Pascagoula. MSE also connects to the NS in Mobile, AL, and Hattiesburg, MS and KCS in Jackson, MS, through haulage agreements. The MSE also has access to the Terminal Alabama State Docks and the Port of Pascagoula through reciprocal switch. These connections and alliances link the Gulf of Mexico to all points of the continent.

Mississippi Export Railroad
Reporting markMSE
LocaleSouthern United States
Dates of operation1922Present
Length42 mi (68 km)
HeadquartersMoss Point, Mississippi


The Mississippi Export Railroad was incorporated in 1922 to operate from the city limits of Pascagoula north to Luce Farms, near Evanston. MSE's small but dynamic Mississippi railroad is fast approaching its 100th birthday.

Current Operations

Mississippi Export Railroad is a Class III railroad with the primary mission of serving local industries. MSE is a strategic partner able to provide immense value to long-haul logistical operations throughout the Southeastern United States, with connections to 4 Class I railroads allowing logistical solutions throughout the continent. MSE is a diversified company with a full service maintenance and repair railcar and locomotive shop with AAR M-1003 and AAR M-1002 (C6) certifications, railcar storage facilities, track maintenance and repair and transloading terminals. It is also partners with AO to provide tank car cleaning and waste disposal services.


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