Miss Black America (album)

Miss Black America is the sixth solo studio album by German producer Alec Empire, originally released through his Digital Hardcore Recordings label as a part of its DHR Limited series of single pressing albums. Recorded throughout August 1998 in between sessions for Atari Teenage Riots 60 Second Wipeout,[1] the album was produced in response to the political climate of Germany at the time.[2]

Miss Black America
Studio album by
RecordedAugust 1998
StudioDHR Studios (Berlin, Germany)
GenreDigital hardcore, noise
LabelDigital Hardcore Recordings DHR LTD CD 009
ProducerAlec Empire
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Miss Black America
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The band Miss Black America took their name from this album.[3]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Alec Empire.

Side A
2."Black Sabbath"3:39
3."The Nazi Comets"3:23
4."It Should Be You Not Me!"5:51
5."They Landed Inside My Head While We Were Driving in the Taxi up to 53rd Street and Took Over!"3:59
Side B
6."The Robot Put a Voodoospell on Me"7:32
7."I Can Hear the Winds of Saturn"6:24
8."We Take Your Pain Away"3:15
Total length:43:15


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