Miss America award winners

The most frequently presented Miss America awards are for preliminary talent and swimsuit. The talent award was introduced in 1936, and the swimsuit award in 1940. In the 2000s, preliminary awards for evening gown and interview were briefly introduced but were discontinued after two years as it was felt that they made the semi-finalists too predictable.

Other awards include Miss Congeniality, given out in the early years of the pageant and re-introduced at Miss America 2006, and the Quality of Life Award for a contestant's platform, first awarded in 1989.

Preliminary awards

Preliminary on stage interview award

Year Winner State Topic Placement at Miss America Notes
Victoria Hill Georgia TBD Double preliminary winner
Jade Glab[1] New Jersey TBD
Gabriela Taveras[2] Massachusetts Americans' interactions abroad 4th runner-up[3] STEM Scholarship[4]
Emili McPhail[5] Virginia Kneeling during the national anthem
Tianna Vanderhei[6] Wisconsin Higher education Top 15[7]
Not awarded at these pageants

Preliminary talent award

Year Winner State Talent Placement at Miss America Notes
Victoria Hill[8] Georgia Classical Vocal TBD Double preliminary winner
Camille Schrier Virginia Chemistry Presentation TBD
Taylor Tyson[6] Florida Classical Piano 3rd runner-up[9]
Lydia Tremaine[2] Indiana Vocal Top 15[7]
Holli' Conway[5] Louisiana Vocal 2nd runner-up[10]
Laryssa Bonacquisti[11] Louisiana Ventriloquism Top 7[12] Double preliminary winner
Brianna Drevlow[13] Minnesota Classical Piano
JessiKate Riley[14] Utah Classical Violin
Savvy Shields Arkansas Jazz Dance Winner
Arianna Quan Michigan Piano
Grace Burgess Tennessee Vocal Top 10
Betty Cantrell Georgia Vocal Winner
Taylor Wiebers Iowa Vocal Top 12 Double preliminary winner
April Nelson Louisiana Vocal 3rd runner-up
Ramsey Carpenter[15] Kentucky Fiddle Top 12
Mackenzie Bart[15] Ohio Ventriloquism Top 10
Amanda Smith[15] Pennsylvania Vocal
Myrrhanda Jones Florida Baton Twirling 3rd runner-up
Rebecca Yeh Minnesota Violin 4th runner-up
Samantha Russo New Hampshire Vocal
Joanna Guy[16] Maryland Vocal Top 10
Rosie Savageau[16] North Dakota Piano and Vocal
Alicia Clifton[16] Oklahoma Tap Dance 2nd runner-up
Lauren Cheape Hawaii Rope Jumping
Betty Thompson Oklahoma Irish Step Dancing 1st runner-up
Laura Kaeppeler Wisconsin Operatic Vocal Winner
Teresa Scanlan Nebraska Piano Winner
Adrienne Core North Carolina Clogging
Deborah Saint-Vil Rhode Island Vocal Top 15
Kristy Cavinder California Ballet en pointe 1st runner-up
Nicole Blaszczyk Michigan Lyrical Dance
Caressa Cameron Virginia Vocal Winner
Galen Giaccone Delaware Piano Top 15
Chasity Hardman Georgia Vocal 1st runner-up
Ashley Wheeler Vermont Vocal
Dana Elaine Daunis Connecticut Vocal
Diana Reed Iowa Baton Top 10
Valerie J. Amaral Massachusetts Vocal
Jacquelynne Fontaine[17] California Operatic Vocal Top 10
Pilialoha Gaison[18] Hawaii Tahitian Dance Top 10
Shilah Phillips[19] Texas Vocal 1st runner-up
Dustin-Leigh Konzelman[20] California Fiddle
Jennifer Berry[21] Oklahoma Ballet en Pointe Winner
Erika Grace Powell South Carolina Vocal Top 10
Veena Goel California Jazz Dance 4th runner-up
Danica Tisdale Georgia Vocal Top 10
Erika Ebbel Massachusetts Classical Piano
Kanoelani Gibson[22] Hawaii Vocal 1st runner-up
Laurie Gray[23] Rhode Island Classical Violin Top 10
Tina Sauerhammer[24] Wisconsin Classical cello 2nd runner-up
Tangra Riggle[25] Indiana Contemporary Vocal Top 15
Camille Lewis[26] Maryland Crossover Classical Violin 4th runner-up
Casey Preslar [27] Oklahoma Jazz Vocal 2nd runner-up
Marshawn Evans[28] District of Columbia Rhythmic Dance Twirl 3rd runner-up
Becky Pruett[29] Mississippi Vocal Top 20
Katie Harman[30] Oregon Classical Vocal Winner
Rita Ng[31] California Classical Piano 2nd runner-up
Junnie Cross Delaware Vocal
Jennifer Powers [32] Illinois Classical Vocal
Faith Jenkins[33] Louisiana Vocal 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Julie Lawrence [34] Louisiana Ballet
Crystal Lewis [35] Virginia Vocal
Mary-Louise Kurey[36] Wisconsin Operatic Vocal Top 10
Chera-Lyn Cook [37] Kentucky Vocal 4th runner-up
Nicole Messina District of Columbia Tap Dance Top 10
Julie Payne[38] Oklahoma Tap Dance Top 10
Michelle Warren[39] North Carolina Vocal 1st runner-up
Christy Neuman[40] Florida Rhythmic Gymnastics Dance Top 10
Katherine Shindle[41] Illinois Vocal Winner
Shani Lynn Nielsen Indiana Vocal Top 10
Patricia Leines[42] Oregon Operatic Aria 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Melissa Short[43] Hawaii Opera Top 10 Double preliminary winner
Amanda Moody[44] Utah Piano
Lisa Bamford[45] North Carolina Piano
Helen Louise Goldsby New York Vocal Top 10
Heather Whitestone Alabama Ballet en Pointe Winner Double preliminary winner
Trisha Shaffer Kansas Vocal Top 10
Yvonne Ku Dehner Montana Classical Vocal Top 10
Titilayo Rachel Adedokun[46] Ohio Classical Vocal 2nd runner-up
Lenena Holder[47] Mississippi Operatic Aria
Patricia Ann-Regan McEachern [48] New Hampshire Vocal
Pam McKelvy Kansas Vocal 3rd runner-up
Catherine Ann Lemkau[49] Iowa Vocal 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Heather Hertling[50] New Jersey Classical Vocal
Debra Renea Fries[51] Maryland Baton
Lisa Somodi[52] Iowa Classical Piano 3rd runner-up
Marisol A. Montalvo[53] New York Opera 1st runner-up
Marjorie Vincent[54] Illinois Classical Piano Winner
Scarlet Annette Morgan[55] North Carolina Opera
Suzanne Lawrence [56] Texas Vocal 3rd runner-up
Kimilee Bryant[57] South Carolina Classical Vocal
Tamara Denise Toshiko Marler[58] Oklahoma Vocal Top 10
Kristin Huffman[59] Ohio Classical Vocal 4th runner-up
Sophia Christine Symko Utah Classical Piano
Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson Minnesota Violin Winner
Lori Lee Kelley Oklahoma Operatic Aria 2nd runner-up
Maria Kim Wisconsin Piano
Patricia Brant Louisiana Ventroliquism 1st runner-up
Stacie James Nevada Vocal 2nd runner-up
Kelly Garver Michigan Fiddle 3rd runner-up
Kellye Cash Tennessee Piano/Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Stephany Samone Texas Vocal Top 10
Jonna Fitzgerald Texas Fiddle 2nd runner-up
Laurie Jean Broderick Indiana Baton Top 10
Suellen Cochran Ohio Piano Top 10 Double preliminary winner
Lauren Susan Green Minnesota Classical Piano 3rd runner-up
Mary-Ann Farrell New York Piano Top 10
Margaret Marie O'Brien Massachusetts Vocal Top 10
Barbara Webster Missouri Fiddle Top 10
Suzette Charles New Jersey Vocal 1st runner-up
Vanessa Williams New York Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Dianne Evans Mississippi Vocal 2nd runner-up
Debra Maffett California Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Gwendolyn Suzann Witten Kentucky Vocal Top 10
Sandra Truitt Illinois Operatic Vocal 1st runner-up
Suzanne Alexander New York Operatic Vocal Top 10
Sheri Rhyman Texas Gymnastics 4th runner-up
Paige Phillips Alabama Ventriloquism 1st runner-up
Cheryl Flanagan New York Tap Dance Top 10
Susan Powell (tie) Oklahoma Classical Vocal Winner
Doris Janell Hayes (tie) Washington Vocal Top 10
Pam Wenzel Arizona Gymnastics Top 10
Kelli Diane Krull New York Baton Top 10
Tana Kay Carli Ohio Accordion 1st runner-up
Teresa Cheatham Alabama Semi-Classical Vocal 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Lori Ann Bergen Kansas Fiddle Top 10
Carolyn Cline (tie) Florida Piano/Vocal 2nd runner-up
Guylyn Remmenga (tie) Nebraska Classical Piano Top 10
Catherine LaBelle Florida Vocal 4th runner-up
Susan Perkins Ohio Vocal Winner
Lynne Carol Grote Pennsylvania Piano Top 10
Dorothy Kathleen Benham Minnesota Classical Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Sonja Anderson (tie) New York Classical Vocal 4th runner-up
Carmen McCollum (tie) Texas Saxophone 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Pamela Polk Virginia Operatic Vocal Top 10
Cynthia Marie Carpenter Massachusetts Classical Piano Top 10
Diana Lynn Pacini Montana Classical Piano
Susan Kay Banks Ohio Classical Vocal 3rd runner-up
Jean Ahern Illinois Ballet en Pointe 2nd runner-up
Darlene Compton Kentucky Vocal 3rd runner-up
Deborah Humphries Kincaid Tennessee Vocal Top 10
Colleen Ann Metternich Illinois Piano Top 10
Debbie Ward Louisiana Vocal 3rd runner-up
Tina Louise Thomas Pennsylvania Vocal 4th runner-up
Catherine Lawton Delaware Banjo Top 10
Debby Robert Louisiana Classical Vocal Top 10
Terry Anne Meeuwsen Wisconsin Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Sandy Rings Kansas Ventriloquism Top 10
Allyn E. Warner Maine Vocal 4th runner-up
Cynthia Cook (tie) Georgia Ventriloquism Top 10
Maureen Wimmer (tie) Pennsylvania Operatic Vocal 3rd runner-up
Suzanne Dennie Alabama Piano/Vocal
Lisa Louise Donovan Florida Vocal Top 10
Judy Ann Adams Oklahoma Violin Top 10
Judith Mendenhall Minnesota Flute 4th runner-up
Patricia Brummet New Mexico Classical Vocal Top 10
Kathy Lynn Baumann Ohio Acro dance 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Linda Fitts Florida Dance Top 10
Judith Anne Ford Illinois Trampoline Winner Double preliminary winner
Cherie Suzanne Davis Virginia Opera Top 10
Dawn Lauree Cashwell Florida Baton Twirling 4th runner-up
Mary Lynn Haglund Indiana Figure Skating Top 10
Marilyn Gail Cocozza Rhode Island Vocal 3rd runner-up
Charlene Diane Dallas California Piano 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Sharon Elaine Phillian Ohio Classical Vocal 3rd runner-up
Jane Anne Jayroe Oklahoma Vocal / Orchestra Conducting Winner
Linda Folsom Alabama Opera Top 10
Eileen Mary Smith Indiana Vocal Medley 2nd runner-up
Nancy Janice Moore South Carolina Piano Solo Top 10
Vicki Jane Powers Alabama Opera Top 10
Barbara Phyllis Hasselberg Minnesota Medley of Authentic Polynesian Dances 4th runner-up
Karen Victoria Kopseng North Dakota Classical Vocal
Judith Antoinette Short Alabama Marimba Top 10 Double preliminary winner
Rosanne Tueller District of Columbia Singing in French & Jazz Dance 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Dorcas Dara Campbell Virginia Classical & Popular Vocal Medley Top 10
Patricia Lei Anderson Hawaii Opera 4th runner-up
Charlotte Ann Carroll Mississippi Popular Vocal & Dance Top 10
Beverly Ann Smith (tie) Maryland Organ & Piano Solo
Mary Lee Jepson (tie) Nebraska Flaming Fire Baton Act Top 10
Susan Ann Henryson California Popular Vocal Medley Top 10
Linda Jacklyn Loftis Texas Opera 3rd runner-up
Carolyn Deann Lasater Utah Pantomime Dance 2nd runner-up
Tommye Lou Glaze Indiana Opera 4th runner-up
Marian Faye Walker Utah Opera Top 10
Teresa Rinaldi (tie) Alabama Opera Top 10
Nancy Fleming (tie) Michigan Presentation of Dress Design Winner Double preliminary winner
Suzanne Ingeborg Johnson Illinois Vocal Top 10
Ann Penelope Marston Michigan Archery Demonstration
Virginia Noble Pailes (tie) District of Columbia Vocal
Diana Martha Klug (tie) Connecticut Fashion Design Presentation & Speech
Lois Janet Piercy (tie) Pennsylvania Original Flute Solo & Art Display Top 10
Lee Thornberry Alabama Song & Dance Top 10
Billie June Turner Connecticut Ballet en Pointe Top 10
Mary Ann Mobley Mississippi Classical & Popular Vocal Medley & Dance Winner
Gloria Rupprecht Indiana Comedy Vocal
Sara Ann Cooper Missouri Dancing the Charleston Top 10
Judith Hanson (tie) Oregon Opera Top 10
Jennie Blatchford (tie) Pennsylvania Baton Twirling
Anne Stuart Ariall Alabama Vocal / Dance 2nd runner-up
Barbara Banks Arkansas Interpretive Ballet
Diane Knotek Nebraska Classical Vocal
Patricia Byrd Huddleston Alabama Classical Vocal Top 10
Sandra Wirth Florida Fire Baton Top 10
Virginia Maffucci Massachusetts Dramatic Monologue Top 10
Linda Weisbrod District of Columbia Classical Vocal Top 10
Barbara Maxine Quinlan Ohio Classical Vocal Top 10
Janice Hutton Somers (tie) Michigan Vocal 4th runner-up
Heather Jo Taferner (tie) New York Operatic Vocal
Lois Ann Alava Delaware Piano Top 10
Delores Jerde South Dakota Piano
Anna Lee Ceglis Virginia Classical Vocal 2nd runner-up
Iris Ann Fitch District of Columbia Vocal
Neva Jane Langley Georgia Classical Piano Winner Double preliminary winner
Joan Elizabeth Kayne New York City, NY Dance Top 10
Jeanne Moody Alabama Drama
Lu Long Ogburn North Carolina Piano 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Colleen Kay Hutchins Utah Dramatic Monologue Winner
Renee Roy Connecticut Comedy Sketch Top 16
Sandra Joanne Stahl District of Columbia Classical Vocal Top 16
Irene O'Connor South Dakota Dramatic Monologue 1st runner-up
Jacque Mercer Arizona Dramatic Monologue Winner Double preliminary winner
Margaret Lynn Munn Canada Classical Vocal Top 15
Gloria Yvonne Burkhart Minnesota Classical Violin Top 15
Patti Anne Luer Montana Vocal / Dance Top 15
Dorothy Jane Free Tennessee Vocal
Marilyn Robinson Utah Dramatic Monologue Top 15
Barbara Jo Walker Memphis, TN Vocal & Art Display Winner
Pepper Donna Shore Miami Beach, FL Hula / Rhumba Top 15
Elaine Mary Campbell Minnesota Classical Vocal 1st runner-up
Emma Dale Nunnally Alabama Operatic Vocal
Jane Miller Atlanta, GA Classical Vocal 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Eleanor D. Kramer Pennsylvania Vocal Top 16
Polly Ellis California Vocal Top 13
Arlene Anderson Minnesota Vocal / Marimba 4th runner-up
Frances Dorn (tie) Birmingham, AL Tap Dance 2nd runner-up
Bess Myerson (tie) New York City, NY Classical Piano & Flute Solo Winner Double preliminary winner
Betty Jane Rase Birmingham, AL Vocal 4th runner-up Double preliminary winner
Venus Ramey District of Columbia Song & Dance Winner Double preliminary winner
Virginia Warlen Florida Vocal 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Helena Frances Mack Boston, MA Samba Dance 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Jean Bartel California Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Joan Hyldoft Cincinnati, OH Ice Skating
Barbara Patterson Cincinnati, OH Vocal
Marion Mosell New York Operatic Vocal
Jo-Carroll Dennison Texas Vocal Winner Double preliminary winner
Virginia MacGraw Birmingham, AL Vocal Top 15
Joey Augusta Paxton North Carolina Iloilo Ang Banwa Ko 4th runner-up Double preliminary winner
Roselle Marie Hannon Western Pennsylvania Bucasoy Folk Dance 1st runner-up
Catherine Virginia Howell District of Columbia Dance
Mary Eleanor Parish Myrtle Beach, SC Tap Dance
Monnie Drake (tie) Michigan Vocal 2nd runner-up
Kay Kittendorf (tie) Montana Operatic Vocal Top 15
Marguerite Louise Skliris California Dramatic Monologue 3rd runner-up
Marion Rudeen Minnesota Acro-Dance Top 15
Margaret Wood North Carolina Vocal Top 15
Ruth Brady Asbury Park, NJ Vocal / Tap Dance 3rd runner-up
Gloria Smiley Jacksonville, FL Acrobatic Dance 4th runner-up
Muriel LaVon Goodspeed Utah Classical Vocal / Piano 2nd runner-up
Phyllis Randall California Vocal / Dance 3rd runner-up
Claire Nevulis Massachusetts Vocal / Tap Dance Top 16
Grace Travis New York City, NY Vocal Top 16
Gloria Levings Birmingham, AL Pandanggo sa Ilaw Folk Dance 4th runner-up
Phyllis Hume Dobson California Drama 1st runner-up
Rose Veronica Coyle Philadelphia, PA Vocal / Tap Dance Winner

Preliminary swimsuit award

There have multiple instances of ties for this preliminary award. This occurred at Miss America pageants in 1943, 1946, 1947, 1949, 1953, 1972, 1979, 1987, and 1993.[50]

This award was discontinued since the Miss America 2019 competition and was replaced with state titleholders participating in a live interactive session with the judges, "to highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use her talents, passion, and ambition to perform the job of Miss America."[60][61][62][63]

Year Winner State Placement at Miss America Notes
Award was discontinued
Sara Zeng[11] Florida
Laryssa Bonacquisti[13] Louisiana Top 7[12] Double preliminary winner
Margana Wood[14] Texas 4th runner-up[64]
Cierra Jackson District of Columbia
Hannah Brewer Maryland Top 7
Alice Magoto Ohio
Daja Dial South Carolina Top 7
Mary Katherine Fechtel Florida Top 10
Taylor Wiebers Iowa Top 12 Double preliminary winner
Victoria Cowen[15] Florida 3rd runner-up
Alex Eppler[15] Oklahoma Top 10
Jade Kenny[15] Maryland
Carly Mathis Georgia Top 10
Kelsey Griswold Oklahoma 2nd runner-up
Chelsea Rick Mississippi Top 15
Mandy Schendel Washington Top 10
Megan Ervin Illinois Top 10
Ali Rogers South Carolina 1st runner-up
Danica Olsen Utah
Kendall Morris Texas Top 10
Kaitlin Monte New York 2nd runner-up
Jalee Fuselier Hawaii 2nd runner-up
Ashley Davis Alabama
Emoly West Oklahoma 4th runner-up
CC Barber Oregon Top 15 Selected as Contestant's Choice
Alyse Zwick New York
Miriam Pabón Puerto Rico
Katie Stam Indiana Winner
Leigh-Taylor Smith New York 3rd runner-up
Christine Kozlowski Mississippi
Kirsten Haglund Michigan Winner
Ashley Bickford Rhode Island
Molly Hazlett Texas Top 8
Molly McGrath[18] Nebraska
Lauren Nelson[19] Oklahoma Winner
Emily Wills[17] Pennsylvania Top 10
Shannon Schambeau[20] District of Columbia 4th runner-up
Julia Bachison Utah
Kristi Lauren Glakas[21] Virginia 3rd runner-up
Jenna Edwards Florida
Jennifer Dupont Louisiana 1st runner-up
Amy Davis Utah
Nicole Lamarche[22] California 4th runner-up
Candace Glickman[23] New Hampshire Top 10
Nancy Redd[24] Virginia Top 10
Lauren Davidson[27] Arkansas
Jennifer Adcock[26] Mississippi Top 10
Tiffany Walker[25] New York Top 10
Emily Foster[30] Georgia
Abbie Lynne Rabine [28] Massachusetts 1st runner-up
Stephanie Culberson[29] Tennessee 2nd runner-up
Angela Perez Baraquio[33] Hawaii Winner
Whitney Boyles Kentucky 4th runner-up
Faith Jenkins[31] Louisiana 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Christy May[28] Mississippi 3rd runner-up
Heather French[35] Kentucky Winner
Gina Giacinto[36] Nevada
Karen Lindsay[34] Rhode Island
Joslyn Jamie Tinker[38] Alaska Top 10
Lissette Gonzalez[37] Florida 2nd runner-up
Kelli Bradshaw North Carolina 1st runner-up
Rebekah Ann Keller[39] California 4th runner-up
Erika Kauffman[40] Hawaii Top 10
Kathy Nejat[41] New Jersey
Melissa Short Hawaii Top 10 Double preliminary winner
Tara Dawn Holland[43] Kansas Winner
Patricia Leines[42] Oregon 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Tiffany Stoker California 3rd runner-up
Tracy Hayes Illinois 4th runner-up
Amy Beth Keller[44] Kansas Top 10
Heather Whitestone Alabama Winner First deaf Miss America

Double preliminary winner
Tiffany Storm Indiana 4th runner-up
Cullen Johnson[65] Virginia 1st runner-up
Lisa Duncan[46] California
Kara Kim Martin[47] Georgia 1st runner-up
Cynthia Sims[48] West Virginia
Shelli Yoder (tie)[50] Indiana 2nd runner-up
Catherine Lemkau (tie)[50] Iowa 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Tawyna Mullins Kentucky Top 10
Carrie Lee Davis[49] South Carolina Top 10
Carolyn Sapp[53] Hawaii Winner
Christi Page[52] Louisiana Top 10
Elizabeth Anne Johnson[51] Utah
Karrie Mitchell[56] Colorado Top 10
Beth Howell[54] Mississippi
Dana Dalton Florida
Jeri Lynn Zimmerman[66] Illinois 3rd runner-up
Stacy King[58] Louisiana
Debbye Turner[59] Missouri Winner
Melissa Aggeles Florida Top 10
Valerie Brosset Louisiana Top 10
Carla Haag Mississippi Top 10
Kelly Jerles Georgia
Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Michigan Winner
Nancy Humphries South Carolina
Tamara Tungate Missouri 4th runner-up
Dawn Elizabeth Smith (tie) South Carolina 2nd runner-up
Kellye Cash (tie) Tennessee Winner Double preliminary winner
Julianne Smith Virginia 1st runner-up
Angela Tower Alabama 4th runner-up
Susan Akin Mississippi Winner
Suellen Cochran Ohio Top 10 Double preliminary winner
Katherine Manning Mississippi 2nd runner-up
Tamara Hext Texas 4th runner-up
Sharlene Wells Utah Winner
Wanda Geddie Mississippi 3rd runner-up
Vanessa Williams New York Winner Double preliminary winner
Pamela Rigas Ohio 4th runner-up
Debra Maffett California Winner Double preliminary winner
Elizabeth Williams North Carolina
Desiree Daniels Tennessee 1st runner-up
Elizabeth Ward Arkansas Winner
Karen Hopson Mississippi Top 10
Kristine Weitz Washington
Lencola Sullivan Arkansas 4th runner-up
Debra Goodwin Minnesota
Donna Pope Mississippi 2nd runner-up (tie)
Shelly Peiken Maryland
Cheryl Prewitt Mississippi Winner
Monta Maki North Carolina
Teresa Cheatham (tie) Alabama 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Janice Anne Albro Delaware
Sue Erickson Minnesota
Cheri Brown (tie) Mississippi
Bunnie Holbert Arkansas
Catherine Hinson South Carolina 2nd runner-up
Linda Moore Tennessee Top 10
Dorothy Benham Minnesota Winner Double preliminary winner
Lavinia Cox South Carolina 1st runner-up
Carmen McCollum Texas 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Paula Roach Arkansas
Janet Carr California 2nd runner-up
Debra Cusick Rhode Island
Lucianne Buchanan California 1st runner-up
Karen Smith Kansas
Shirley Cothran Texas Winner
Suzanne Plummer New Jersey 2nd runner-up
Leslie Ann Mays Washington Top 10
Judy Hieke Wisconsin 1st runner-up
Rebecca Sue Graham Indiana 4th runner-up
Cindy Lee Sykes Kansas Top 10
Terry Anne Meeuwsen Wisconsin Winner Double preliminary winner
Carolyn Stoner California
Laurie Lea Schaefer Ohio Winner
Linda Moyer (tie) Virginia
Susan Buckner (tie) Washington Top 10
Kathleen O'Sullivan Hawaii
Claudia Turner South Carolina 1st runner-up
Phyllis George Texas Winner
Carol Norval Connecticut
Pamela Eldred Michigan Winner
Kathy Baumann Ohio 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Dellynne Catching Alabama Top 10
Judith Anne Ford Illinois Winner Double preliminary winner
Susan Thompson Iowa 2nd runner-up
Sharon Ann Evans Arkansas
Kristine Phillips Idaho
Debra Dene Barnes Kansas Winner
Charlene Diane Dallas California 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Nancy Anne Naylor New Hampshire 4th runner-up
Barbara Ann Harris South Carolina
Deborah Irene Bryant Kansas Winner
Patricia Anne Puckett Mississippi 1st runner-up
Kathryn Elizabeth Blaikie Nevada
Sherri Lee Raap California
Jane Nelson New Mexico Top 10
Ella Dee Kessel West Virginia 2nd runner-up
Judith Antoinette Short Alabama Top 10 Double preliminary winner
Donna Axum Arkansas Winner
Rosanne Tueller District of Columbia 1st runner-up Double preliminary winner
Pamela Gilbert Illinois
Carole Jean Van Valin Michigan Top 10
Joan Mary Engh Wisconsin 1st runner-up
Frances Jane Anderson Arkansas 1st runner-up
Nancee Ann Parkinson Minnesota 4th runner-up
Maria Fletcher North Carolina Winner
Ruth Rea District of Columbia 3rd runner-up
Nancy Fleming Michigan Winner Double preliminary winner
Edith Sandra Browning South Carolina Top 10
Bonnie Jo Marquis New York Top 10
Sharon Joyce Vaughn Washington 2nd runner-up
Mary Alice Fox Wisconsin 1st runner-up
Sandra Lee Jennings California 3rd runner-up
Anita Marie Hursh Indiana
Betty Lane Evans North Carolina 4th runner-up
Lynn Freyse Arizona Top 10
Jody Elizabeth Shattuck Georgia 1st runner-up
Elaine Herndon North Carolina Top 10
Joan Colleen Beckett California Top 10
Sandra Jean Stuart Chicago Top 10
Jere Wright Hawaii Top 10
Barbara Mamo Vieira Hawaii Top 10
Clara Faye Arnold North Carolina 3rd runner-up
Ann Campbell Oklahoma 4th runner-up
Lee Meriwether California Winner
Ann Gloria Daniel Florida 1st runner-up
Polly Rankin Suber South Carolina 2nd runner-up
Patricia Ann Johns California Top 10
Evelyn Margaret Ay Pennsylvania Winner
Elaine Holkenbrink Wyoming Top 10
Gwen Harmon (tie) Alabama 3rd runner-up
Jeanne Shores (tie) California 2nd runner-up
Jo Hoppe Chicago 4th runner-up
Neva Jane Langley Georgia Winner Double preliminary winner
Charlotte Rosalie Simmen Arkansas 3rd runner-up
Lu Long Ogburn North Carolina 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Marlene Margaret Rieb South Dakota Top 10
Yolande Betbeze Alabama Winner
Mary Jennings Arkansas 3rd runner-up
Joanne Durant California Top 16
Jacque Mercer (tie) Arizona Winner Double preliminary winner
Jone Ann Pedersen (tie) California 4th runner-up
Sylvia Canady Colorado 3rd runner-up
Trudy Germi Illinois 2nd runner-up
Jerry Long Atlanta, GA Top 15
Vera Ralston Kansas 3rd runner-up
BeBe Shopp Minnesota Winner
Peggy Jane Elder (tie) Alabama 3rd runner-up
Margaret Marshall Canada 2nd runner-up
Evelyn L. Murray Kentucky
Raven Malone (tie) New York City Top 15
Rebecca Jane McCall Arkansas 1st runner-up
Janey Miller (tie) Atlanta, GA 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Marilyn Buferd California Winner
Eileen Henry (tie) New York City Top 16
Lee Wieland Chicago Top 13
Bess Myerson New York City Winner
Lee Henson Tennessee Top 13
Betty Jane Rase Birmingham, AL 4th runner-up Double preliminary winner
Venus Ramey District of Columbia Winner Double preliminary winner
Virginia Warlen Florida 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Helena Frances Mack (tie) Boston, MA 2nd runner-up Double preliminary winner
Jean Bartel California Winner Double preliminary winner
Dixie Lou Rafter District of Columbia 4th runner-up
Emma Hammermeister (tie) Western Pennsylvania Top 10
Marie Duncan Birmingham, AL Top 10
Bette Brunk Chicago 1st runner-up
Jo-Carroll Dennison Texas Winner Double preliminary winner
Rosemary LaPlanche California Winner
Joey Augusta Paxton North Carolina 4th runner-up Double preliminary winner
Lillian Helen O'Donnell Westchester County, NY 3rd runner-up
Rosemary LaPlanche California 1st runner-up
Dorothy Slatten Kentucky 4th runner-up
Frances Marie Burke Philadelphia, PA Winner

Quality of Life award

The Quality of Life Award was initially sponsored by Fruit of the Loom. From its inception in 1989 until 2002, the winner received a $10,000 scholarship. For Miss America 2003, the value of the award was reduced to $6,000 for the winner, and the amount was reduced again to $3,000 from Miss America 2006. In 2008, the scholarship returned to $6,000.

Year Winner State Platform Placement at Miss America
Claudia Raffo[67] Arkansas New Life Saves Lives: Umbilical Cord Donation
Jessica Procter[68] Alabama Step Up to the Plate: Decreasing Food Insecurity Top 7[69]
Hayley Barber[70] Alabama Sight for Small Eyes
Lindsey Giannini New Jersey Dangers of Distracted Driving
Caitlin Brunell Alabama Caitlin's Closet: One Stop Shopping for Life Top 10
Haley Williams Michigan Through a Child's Eyes: Conquering Childhood Grief
Anna Laura Bryan Alabama P.A.W.S. for Autism: People and Animals Working Side-by-side Top 12
Ann-Blair Thornton Kentucky Alzheimer's Awareness Research
Katie LaRoche Michigan Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking
Taylor Treat Oklahoma Service Learning Top 12
Emily Cox Kentucky Uniquely Me: Promoting Self-Esteem in Adolescent Girls Top 12
Caleche Manos Nevada M.A.D.D. – Prevention of Drinking and Driving Through Education
Allison Rogers Rhode Island Go Green! Global Warming Awareness
Tracey Brown Idaho Breast Cancer Awareness: Education, Support and Research
Deidre Downs Alabama Curing Childhood Cancer Winner
Catherine Crosby Alabama First Vote: America's Freedom to Choose Top 15
Teresa Benitez Nevada Poverty: A N.E.W. Focus 3rd runner-up
Jaclyn Hunt Utah Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation Top 10
Faith Jenkins Louisiana Illiteracy Prevention/Eradication 1st runner-up
Brandee Helbick New Hampshire Educational Disabilities Awareness
Heather Davis Maryland Drug-Free L.I.F.E. for Youth/Peer Mentorship
Jennifer Ostergaard Minnesota Child Abuse Education, Awareness, and Prevention
Alison McCreary Alabama Hospice: A Special Kind of Caring 3rd runner-up
Dena Querubin[71] New Jersey Adopt-A-Grandparent
Stacy Agren Arizona
Amanda Murray Arizona Asthma Support Program
Kim Wimmer[72] Alabama Education of Homeless Youth
Cheryl Lynn Majercik Illinois AIDS Hospice service
Suzanne Lawrence[73] Texas "Smiles Against Cancer" organization 3rd runner-up
Michelle Kline Pennsylvania Organ Donation Top 10
Not awarded at these pageants

Miss Congeniality

Year Winner State Placement at Miss America
Julia Crane Vermont
Angelina Klapperich[74] Alaska Top 15[75]
Madeline Van Ert[76] Minnesota
Jeanné Kapela Hawaii
Jacky Arness North Dakota Top 16
Brooke Mosteller (tie) South Carolina
Ciera Pekarcik (tie) Utah
Sloane Roberts Arkansas
Kayla Batt Nebraska
Katie Lynn LaRoche Michigan
Raeceen Woolford Hawaii Top 7
Rebecca Robinson Texas
Ashley Young North Dakota
Melinda Toole Alabama 4th runner-up
Malika Dudley Hawaii
Olena Rubin Hawaii
Award was discontinued
Rhonda Kay Pope (tie) Arkansas
Coline-Helen Kanaloku Aiu (tie) Hawaii
Kanoelehua Kaumeheiwa Hawaii
Sally Peterson Utah
Paula Kusmer Delaware
Debbie May Indiana
Jane Deliese Briggeman Nebraska
Karen Maciolek New Mexico
Sharon Evans (tie) Arkansas
Tia Tyler (tie) Colorado
Sheila Scott (tie) New Hampshire
Linda MacLim Virginia
Marie Mushro Iowa
Vonda Kay Van Dyke Arizona Winner
Jeanne Flinn Swanner North Carolina
Margaret Farrar Wass New Hampshire
Susan Henryson (tie) California Top 10
Rosita Giusti Haito Rey (tie) Puerto Rico
Susan Talbert New York
Gordean Leilehua Lee Hawaii
Ann Louise Willis Rhode Island
Glynnelle Hubbard New Mexico
Sandra Simpson Vermont
Barbara Mamo Vieira Hawaii Top 10
Patsy Bruce Illinois
Patricia Condon New Jersey
Iris Fitch (tie) District of Columbia
Shirley Barbour (tie) Oklahoma
Claire Katherine Heen (tie) Hawaii
Otilia Jimenez (tie) Puerto Rico
Dell'finn Kalaupaona Poaha Hawaii
Carol Rosebel Fraser (tie) Montana
Betty Jane Crowley (tie) New Jersey Top 15
Yun Tau Zane Hawaii
Luna McClain Texas
Violet Mellar New York Top 16
Georgina E. Patterson Northern British Columbia
Joyce Courrege Texas
Toula Hagestratou Birmingham, AL
Dorothy Fox Mississippi
Mifaunwy Dolores Shunatona Oklahoma Top 15
Not awarded at this pageant
Doris Coggins Mississippi
Not awarded at these pageants

America's Choice

In 2008, the Miss America Organization introduced this award in which viewers could cast votes online for a specific state titleholder a month before the final night of pageant. The state titleholder with the most votes is then given an automatic spot in the semi-finals, regardless of her performance in the preliminary competition.[77]

Year Winner State Placement at Miss America Notes
Abby Foster[78] Illinois Top 15[78]
Laura Katherine Jones Kentucky Top 12
Hannah Robison Tennessee Top 7
Sierra Sandison Idaho Top 16
Theresa Vail Kansas Top 10
Alexis Wineman Montana Top 16
Betty Thompson Oklahoma 1st runner-up
Kayla Martell Delaware Top 10
Claire Buffie New York Top 12
Sarah Slocum Arkansas Top 15 Selected from the Miss America pre-pageant special, Miss America: Behind the Curtain
Mallory Ervin Kentucky 4th runner-up
Amanda Tapley Alabama Top 15 Selected from TLC show, Miss America: Countdown to the Crown
Chastity Hardman Georgia 1st runner-up
Katie Stam Indiana Winner
Alexandra Hoffman South Dakota Top 15
Jill Stevens Utah Top 15
Not awarded at these pageants

STEM scholarship award

At the Miss America 2014 pageant, the Miss America Organization introduced this $5,000 scholarship to be given to state titleholders with strong science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds with the goal of highlighting the vital and active roles women have in these fields.

Year Winner State Placement at Miss America Notes
Gabriela Taveras[4] Massachusetts 4th runner-up[79] Preliminary On Stage Interview Award[2]
Laura Haller[4] Montana
Alexis Hilts[4] Nevada
Briana Kinsey[80] District of Columbia 3rd runner-up[81]
Molly Matney[80] Kentucky
Jillian Zucco[80] Massachusetts
Hayley Barber[70] Alabama

Children's Miracle Network (CMN) Miracle Maker Award

Quality of Life Award

Jaryn Franklin[70] Illinois
Kendall Schoenekase[70] Kansas
Kelley Johnson[82] Colorado 2nd runner-up
Hannah Roberts[82] Mississippi 1st runner-up
Hannah Robison[82] Tennessee Top 7[83] America's Choice
Alayna Westcom[82] Vermont
Lizzi Jackson[82] Washington
Maggie Bridges[84] Georgia
Lauren Kuhn[84] Massachusetts 4th runner-up
Jessica Burson[84] New Mexico
Mackenzie Bart[84] Ohio Top 10 Preliminary Talent Award[15]
Lucy Edwards[84] Vermont
Crystal Lee[85] California 1st runner-up[86]
Chelsea Rick[85] Mississippi Top 15[86] Preliminary Lifestyle & Fitness Award[85]
Not awarded at these pageants

Women in Business Scholarship award

Year Winner State Placement at Miss America Notes
Penelope Ng Pack[4] Hawaii Non-finalist Talent Award
Carrie Wintle[4] South Dakota
Meredith Winnefeld[87] Colorado Non-finalist Talent Award
Sarah Clapper[88] Ohio
Patricia Ford[70] Georgia
Shruti Nagarajan[70] Rhode Island
Not awarded at these pageants


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