Miss America 1927

Miss America 1927, the seventh Miss America pageant, was held at the Million Dollar Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Friday, September 9, 1927.[1][2] The winner was 16-year-old Lois Delander who competed as Miss Illinois. She won the Miss America title on her parents' twentieth wedding anniversary.[3]

Miss America 1927
DateSeptember 9, 1927
PresentersKing Neptune (Eddie Dowling)
VenueMillion Dollar Pier, Atlantic City, New Jersey
WinnerLois Delander

This marked the last pageant to be held in the 1920s, the next Miss America competition would not be held until 1933.


Contestants of the 1927 Miss America Pageant


Final results Contestant
Miss America 1927
1st runner-up
Top 5
Top 15

Other awards

Awards Contestant
Rolling Chair Parade Winner


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