Mishu Hilmy

Mishu Hilmy is an American comedian, writer, actor, impressionist, and playwright.[4] He most recently wrote, performed, and executive produced the Netflix-parody comedy special Trapped in the Netflix.[1][5] He has contributed to and appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In 2014, alongside Eric Simon, he co-wrote the Annoyance Theatre play Good Morning Gitmo.[6][7]

Mishu Hilmy
GenresImpressionist, sketch comedy, observational comedy, satire, pop-culture[1][2]
Subject(s)American culture, everyday life, human behavior, pop culture, American politics[3]

The Chicago Reader has described Hilmy's humor as "something I happily cannot unsee."[8] The Chicago theater and entertainment industry publication, Performink, stated: "Hilmy’s skill with impressions and interweaving of social commentary form a strong core to this solo sketch show with a definitive voice."[1] His comedy special included over 30 characters and impressions.

He was part of the Chicago ensemble based comedy theater Under the Gun.[3][9][10] While there he performed in a sketch revue alongside Empire's Antoine McKay.[8] Hilmy has also performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, iO Theater, Annoyance Theater and The Second City.[6] In 2016, Hilmy founded The Comedy Fellowship.[11]

Some of his impressions have included Jon Hamm, Martin Scorsese, Adam Driver, and Malcolm Gladwell.[12]


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