Minnesota State Mavericks women's ice hockey

The Minnesota State Mavericks women's hockey ice program represents Minnesota State University, Mankato, and participate in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association.

Minnesota State Mavericks women's ice hockey
Current season
UniversityMinnesota State University
Head coachJohn Harrington 2nd year, 10-55-8
ArenaVerizon Wireless Center
Capacity: 5280
LocationMankato, Minnesota
ColorsPurple and Gold[1]


In October 2010, Kathleen Rogan registered a hat trick as the Mavericks defeated No. 6-ranked North Dakota by a 4–2 margin. This was the Mavericks first hat trick since Ashley Young registered one against Bemidji State in 2008.[2]

Year by year

Won Championship Lost Championship Conference Champions League Leader
FinishConference TournamentNCAA Tournament
2018-19John Harrington9197WCHA31656th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs Ohio State (2-3 OT, 0-3)Did not qualify
2017-18John Harrington5281WCHA32107th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs Ohio State (0-6, 2-5)Did not qualify
2016-17John Harrington7264WCHA42138th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs Wisconsin (0-7, 0-6)Did not qualify
2015–16John Harrington3294WCHA02538th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Wisconsin (0–4, 0–6)Did not qualify
2014–15Eric Means3321WCHA12618th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Minnesota (0–10, 1–5)Did not qualify
2013–14Eric Means13231WCHA72017th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Wisconsin (0–4, 3–0, 0–2)Did not qualify
2012–13Eric Means10215WCHA61756th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. North Dakota (1–6, 1–8)Did not qualify
2011–12Eric Means7281WCHA32418th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Wisconsin (0–7, 0–4)Did not qualify
2010–11Eric Means8253WCHA72017th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Minnesota-Duluth (0–3, 0–5)Did not qualify
2009–10Eric Means7225WCHA51857th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Minnesota (5–8, 3–4 3OT)Did not qualify
2008–09Jeff Vizenor12195WCHA71655th WCHAWon Quarterfinals vs. St. Cloud State (1–2, 2–1, 1–0)
Lost Semifinals vs. Minnesota (2–7)
Did not qualify
2007–08Jeff Vizenor11212WCHA101626th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Wisconsin (2–4, 0–5)Did not qualify
2006–07Jeff Vizenor16172WCHA121425th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Ohio State (0–9, 4–5 OT)Did not qualify
2005–06Jeff Vizenor11214WCHA81737th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Minnesota (1–5, 0–6)Did not qualify
2004–05Jeff Vizenor9206WCHA81735th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Ohio State (1–4)Did not qualify
2003–04Jeff Vizenor16144WCHA91144th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Ohio State (1–3)Did not qualify
2002–03Jeff Vizenor10213WCHA31837th WCHADid not qualifyDid not qualify
2001–02Jeff Vizenor4262WCHA12237th WCHADid not qualifyDid not qualify
2000–01Todd Carroll2312WCHA02317th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Minnesota-Duluth (1–10)Did not qualify
1999-00Todd Carroll8252WCHA31927th WCHALost Quarterfinals vs. Minnesota (0–10)Did not qualify
1998–99Todd Carroll11140WCHA


Current roster

1Alli AltmannG5–8So.
3Lauren ZrustF5–6Fr.
4Amy UdvigD5–3Jr.
7Kala BuganskiF5–9Sr.
8Nina TikkinenF5–6Jr.
9Ariel MackleyF5–6So.
10Christina LeeF5–5Sr.
12Moira O’ConnorF5–6So.
13Ida ClarkD5–3Sr.
14Erika MagnussonF/D5–5Fr.
15Ashley YoungF5–3Sr.
16Emmi LeinonenF5–5So.
17Jenna HewittF5–5Sr.
18Holly SnyderD5–7Sr.
19Lisa EdmanF5–5Jr.
21Jenna PetersonF/D5–8So.
23Kathleen RossoD5–5Sr.
29Jackie OttoD5–6So.
39Paige ThunderG5–9Jr.


Awards and honors

  • Alli Altmann, WCHA Defensive Player of the Week (Week of February 17, 2010) [5]
  • Megan Hinze, WCHA Defensive Player of the Month (December 2016)[6]
  • Emmi Leinonen, WCHA Offensive Player of the Week (Week of October 21, 2009) [7]
  • Kathleen Rogan, WCHA Rookie of the Week (week of October 27, 2010)[2]
  • Kathleen Rogan, WCHA Rookie of the Week (week of November 17, 2010)
  • Nina Tikkinen, WCHA Player of the Week, (Week of November 10, 2010) [8]
  • Nina Tikkinen, WCHA Player of the Week, (Week of November 17, 2010) [9]
  • Ashley Young, 2010 Frozen Four Skills Competition participant[10]



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