Ministry of the Overseas (France)

The Ministry of the Overseas (French: Ministère des Outre-mer) is a ministry of the French Governement, responsible for overseeing the Overseas departments, collectivities and territories of the French Republic. It is headed by the Minister of the Overseas

Ministry of the Overseas
Ministère des Outre-mer
Agency overview
Formed24 June 1852 (1852-06-24)
JurisdictionOverseas France
HeadquartersHôtel de Montmorin
Paris 7e, French Republic
48°50′57″N 2°18′57″E
Annual budget€2.661 billion[2]
Minister responsible


Originally part of the Ministry of the Navy as a secretariat, it became a formal ministry on 20 March 1894 as the Ministry of the Colonies (French: Ministère des Colonies), by a law of the governement of Jean Casimir-Perier.[3]

By a decree of 26 January 1946, its name was changed to the current Ministry of Overseas[4].

Minister of the Overseas


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