Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST; Chinese: 科技部; pinyin: Kējìbù; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kho-ki-pō͘) is the government ministry of the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the promotion and funding of academic research, development of science and technology and science parks. MOST is a member of Belmont Forum.[1]

Ministry of Science and Technology
Kējìbù (Mandarin)
Khô-kî Phu (Hakka)
Agency overview
Formed1 February 1959 (as National Council on Science Development)
3 February 2014 (as MOST)
HeadquartersDa'an, Taipei
Ministers responsible
Parent agencyExecutive Yuan


The MOST was originally established as the National Council on Science Development on 1 February 1959. In 1967, it was renamed to National Science Council (NSC; Chinese: 國家科學委員會; pinyin: Guójiā Kēxué Wěiyuánhuì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kok-ka Kho-ha̍k Úi-oân-hōe). The NSC became the Ministry of Science and Technology on 3 February 2014.[2][3]

Organizational structure


  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development
  • Department of Engineering and Technologies
  • Department of Life Sciences
  • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Department of International Cooperation and Science Educations
  • Department of Foresight and Innovation Policies
  • Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs


  • Department of General Affairs
  • Department of Personnel
  • Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
  • Department of Government Ethics
  • Department of Information Services
  • Legal Affairs Committee (Petitions and Appeals Committee)
  • Office of Congressional Relations

Bureau and Agencies

List of Ministers

Political Party:   Kuomintang   Non-partisan/ unknown

Name Term of Office Days Party Premier
Minister of the National Council on Science Development
1 Hu Shih (胡適) 1 February 1959February 1962 Independent Chen Cheng II
2 Wang Shijie (王世杰) May 1962August 1967 Chen Cheng II
Yen Chia-kan
Minister of the National Science Council
1 Wu Ta-You (吳大猷) August 1967June 1973 Yen Chia-kan
Chiang Ching-kuo
2 Shu Shien-Siu (徐賢修) June 1973March 1981 Chiang Ching-kuo
Sun Yun-suan
3 Chang Ming-che (張明哲) March 198131 May 1984 Sun Yun-suan
4 Chen Li-an (陳履安) 1 June 198421 July 19881511 Kuomintang Sun Yun-suan
Yu Kuo-hua
5 Hsia Han-ming (夏漢民) 22 July 198826 February 19931680 Yu Kuo-hua
Lee Huan
Hau Pei-tsun
Lien Chan
6 Kuo Nan-hong (郭南宏) 27 February 199310 June 19961199 Lien Chan
7 Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) 10 June 19964 February 1998604 Kuomintang Lien Chan
Vincent Siew
8 Huang Chen-tai (黃鎮台) 5 February 199819 May 2000834 Kuomintang Vincent Siew
9 Weng Cheng-yi (翁政義) 20 May 20006 March 2001291 Vincent Siew
10 Wei Che-ho (魏哲和) 7 March 200119 May 20041169 Chang Chun-hsiung I
Yu Shyi-kun
11 Maw-Kuen Wu (吳茂昆) 20 May 200424 January 2006614 Yu Shyi-kun
Frank Hsieh
12 Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) 25 January 200619 May 2008845 Independent Su Tseng-chang I
Chang Chun-hsiung II
13 Louis Lee (李羅權) 20 May 20085 February 2011991 Liu Chao-shiuan
Wu Den-yih
14 Cyrus Chu (朱敬一) 6 February 20112 March 20141120 Wu Den-yih
Sean Chen
Jiang Yi-huah
Minister of Science and Technology (since 3 March 2014)
1 Chang San-cheng (張善政) 3 March 20148 December 2014280 Independent Jiang Yi-huah
Lin Yi-bing (林一平) 8 December 201423 January 201546 Mao Chi-kuo
2 Shyu Jyuo-min (徐爵民) 24 January 201519 May 2016481 Mao Chi-kuo
Chang San-cheng
3 Yang Hung-duen (楊弘敦) 20 May 20167 February 2017263 Lin Chuan
4 Chen Liang-gee (陳良基) 8 February 2017Incumbent1036 Lin Chuan
William Lai
Su Tseng-chang II


The 2014 budget for MOST is NT$44.043 billion, in which 79.6% is dedicated for support for academic research, 12.5% for promotion of national science and technology development and 7.9% for development of science parks.[4]


The MOST building is accessible within walking distance South West from Technology Building Station of the Taipei Metro.

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