Ministry of Public Security (Israel)

The Ministry of Public Security (Hebrew: המשרד לביטחון הפנים, Arabic: وزارة الأمن الداخلي), also Ministry of Internal Security, is a government agency of Israel. It is the statewide law enforcement agency and oversees the Israel Police, the Israel Prison Service and the Israel National Fire and Rescue Services. The current Minister of Public Security is Gilad Erdan.

Ministry of Public Security
המשרד לביטחון הפנים

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The Minister of Public Security (Hebrew: שר לביטחון פנים, Sar LeVitahon Pnim) is the political head of the ministry. Until 1995 the position was known as Minister of Police (Hebrew: שר המשטרה, Sar HaMishtara). The first Minister of Police, Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit, was a former policeman, and served in the position from Israeli independence in May 1948 until a month before his death in January 1967, serving in fourteen governments and making him the country's longest continually serving minister. The post was abolished after Menachem Begin became Prime Minister in 1977, but was reinstated in 1984 when Shimon Peres became PM. There is occasionally a Deputy Minister of Public Security.

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Police
1Bechor-Shalom SheetritSephardim & Oriental Communities
P, 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13
May 14, 1948January 2, 1967
2Eliyahu SassonAlignment
Labor Party
13, 14January 2, 1967December 15, 1969
3Shlomo HillelAlignment15, 16, 17December 15, 1969June 20, 1977
4Haim Bar-LevAlignment21, 22, 23September 13, 1984March 15, 1990
5Roni MiloLikud24June 11, 1990July 13, 1992
6Moshe ShahalLabor Party25July 13, 199222 November 1995
Minister of Internal Security
Moshe ShahalLabor Party2622 November 1995June 18, 1996
7Avigdor KahalaniThird Way27June 18, 1996July 6, 1999
8Shlomo Ben-AmiOne Israel28July 6, 1999March 7, 2001
9Uzi LandauLikud29March 7, 2001February 28, 2003
10Tzachi HanegbiLikud30February 28, 2003September 6, 2004
11Gideon EzraLikud
30September 6, 2004May 4, 2006Initially appointed Acting Minister, with position made permanent on 29 November 2004
12Avi DichterKadima31May 4, 2006April 1, 2009
13Yitzhak AharonovichYisrael Beiteinu32, 331 April 200914 May 2015
14Yariv LevinLikud3414 May 201525 May 2015
14Gilad ErdanLikud3425 May 2015

Deputy ministers

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end
1Gideon EzraLikud29March 7, 2001February 28, 2003
2Yaakov EdriLikud
30March 10, 2003January 18, 2006

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