Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services (Hebrew: משרד העבודה, הרווחה והשירותים החברתיים, Misrad HaAvoda, HaRevaha VeHaSherutim HaHevrati'im) is the branch of government charged with overseeing employment and ensuring the welfare of the public in Israel and oversee the supply of services. The position is currently vacant.[1]

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services
משרד העבודה, הרווחה והשירותים החברתיים
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Israel
Minister responsible
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The ministry was originally divided into two separate ministries – the Labor Ministry and the Welfare Ministry. In 1977 they were united to be the Welfare and Labor Ministry according to the view that labor can lead to welfare. In the term of the second government of Ariel Sharon (2003), the responsibility of work-related issues was transferred to the Industry, Trade and Labor ministry and in 2007 the name was changed to be Welfare and Social Services Ministry. In 2016 it was changed to the current name.

List of ministers

The Welfare and Social Services Minister of Israel (Hebrew: שר העבודה והרווחה, Sar HaAvoda HaRevaha) is the political head of the ministry and part of the Israeli cabinet.

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Welfare
1Yitzhak-Meir LevinAgudat Yisrael
United Religious Front
P, 1, 2, 314 May 194818 September 1952
2Haim-Moshe ShapiraHapoel HaMizrachi
National Religious Party
4, 5, 6, 7, 824 December 19521 July 1958
3Peretz NaftaliMapai825 January 195917 December 1959
4Yosef BurgNational Religious Party9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1517 December 19591 September 1970
5Michael HasaniNational Religious Party15, 161 September 19704 April 1974
6Victor Shem-TovAlignment173 June 197429 October 1974
Michael HasaniNational Religious Party1730 October 19742 July 1975Died in office
7Yitzhak RabinAlignment177 July 197529 July 1975Serving Prime Minister
Yosef BurgNational Religious Party1729 July 19754 November 1975
8Zevulun HammerNational Religious Party174 November 197522 December 1976
9Moshe BaramAlignment1716 January 197720 June 1977
Minister of Labor and Social Welfare
10Menachem BeginLikud1820 June 197724 October 1977Serving Prime Minister
11Yisrael KatzNot an MK1824 October 19775 August 1981
12Aharon AbuhatziraTami185 August 19812 May 1982
13Aharon UzanTami19, 203 May 198213 September 1984
14Moshe KatsavLikud21, 2213 September 198422 December 1988
15Yitzhak ShamirLikud2322 December 19887 March 1990
16Roni MiloLikud237 March 199011 June 1990
Yitzhak ShamirLikud2411 June 199013 July 1992Serving Prime Minister
Yitzhak RabinLabor Party2513 July 199231 December 1992
17Ora NamirLabor Party25, 2631 December 199221 May 1996
18Eli YishaiShas27, 2818 June 199611 July 2000
19Ra'anan CohenOne Israel2810 August 20007 March 2001
20Shlomo BenizriShas297 March 200123 May 2002
21Ariel SharonLikud2923 May 20023 June 2002Serving Prime Minister
Shlomo BenizriShas293 June 200228 February 2003
Minister of Welfare and Social Services
22Zevulun OrlevNational Religious Party303 March 200311 November 2004
23Ehud OlmertKadima314 May 200621 March 2007Serving Prime Minister
24Isaac HerzogLabor Party31, 3221 March 200717 January 2011
25Moshe KahlonLikud3219 January 201118 March 2013
26Meir CohenYesh Atid3218 March 20135 December 2014
27Haim KatzLikud3414 May 201531 July 2016
Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Affairs
28Haim KatzLikud3431 July 201616 August 2019

Deputy ministers

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end
1Shlomo-Yisrael Ben-MeirNational Religious Party813 January 19581 July 1958
2Ben-Zion RubinTami19, 2011 August 198113 September 1984
3Menachem PorushAgudat Yisrael2124 September 19842 December 1985
3Rafael PinhasiShas21, 222 December 198522 December 1988
4Moshe Ze'ev FeldmanAgudat Yisrael2322 December 198831 October 1989
Menachem PorushAgudat Yisrael2419 November 199013 July 1992
5Shmuel HalpertAgudat Yisrael248 June 199113 July 1992
6Yitzhak VakninShas292 May 200120 May 2002
Yitzhak VakninShas293 June 200228 February 2003
5Avraham RavitzUnited Torah Judaism
Degel HaTorah
3030 March 20054 May 2006
6Meshulam NahariShas3419 May 201513 January 2016


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