Ministry of Jean-Baptiste de Martignac

The Ministry of Jean-Baptiste de Martignac was formed on 4 January 1828 after the dismissal of the Ministry of Joseph de Villèle by King Charles X of France.[1] The ministry was replaced on 8 August 1829 by the Ministry of Jules de Polignac.[2]

Ministry of Jean-Baptiste de Martignac
cabinet of France
Date formed4 January 1828
Date dissolved8 August 1829
People and organisations
Head of stateCharles X of France
Head of governmentJean Baptiste Gay de Martignac
PredecessorMinistry of Joseph de Villèle
SuccessorMinistry of Jules de Polignac


The ministers were:[3]

Portfolio Holder Party
President of the Council of Ministers The Viscount of Martignac
(Informal, head of the ministry)
Minister of the Interior The Viscount of Martignac Conservative
Minister of Foreign Affairs Marshal Count of La Ferronays None
Minister of Finance Antoine Roy Constitutional
Minister of Justice The Count Portalis Conservative
Minister of War Lt. General Viscount of Blacquetot Constitutional
Minister of the Navy and Colonies The Count of Chambrol Conservative
Minister of Public Education Antoine Lefebvre de Vatimesnil Ultras
Minister of Worship Bishop Count of Frayssinous Ultras
Minister of Commerce and Industry Pierre de Saint-Cricq Constitutional


On 3 March 1828:

Portfolio Holder Party
Minister of the Navy and Colonies The Baron Hyde de Neuville Constitutional
Minister of Worship Bishop François-Jean-Hyacinthe Feutrier Ultras

On 14 May 1829:

Portfolio Holder Party
Minister of Justice Pierre-Alpinien Bourdeau Ultras


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