Ministry of Economy (Turkey)

The Ministry of Economy (Turkish: Ekonomi Bakanlığı) is a government department responsible for the economic affairs of the Republic of Turkey. It was established following the 2011 general election with Justice and Development Party (AKP) Member of Parliament Zafer Çağlayan being appointed as the first Minister of the Economy. The current minister, undersecretary, and deputy undersecretaries are Nihat Zeybekçi, İbrahim Şenel and Kadir Bal, respectively, .[1]

Ministry of Economy
Ekonomi Bakanlığı

Headquarters of Ministry of Economy in Ankara, Turkey.
Agency overview
Formed29 June 2011
JurisdictionGovernment of Turkey
Annual budget1.454.494.000 TL (2014)
Minister responsible
Agency executives
  • Fatih Metin, Deputy Minister
  • İbrahim Şenel, Undersecretary
  • Kadir Bal, Deputy Undersecretary


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