Ministry of Defence Hospital Units

Ministry of Defence Hospital Units, or MDHUs, are military healthcare facilities, embedded within a civilian hospital or National Health Service hospital. The Armed Forces no longer run dedicated Military hospitals, the last of such hospitals closing or turned over to the local NHS trust in 1995. MDHUs operate under the direction of Defence Medical Services,[1] who operate five MDHUs in the UK.[2]

These are based at:

The Ministry of Defence is also responsible for the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Birmingham.[3] MOD Hospital Units cater to service personnel and their dependents but do not treat operational casualties, who are treated at QEH (and formerly at Selly Oak Hospital).

MOD Hospital Unit staff are fully integrated with civilian staff at their respective hospitals and are not limited to treating only military patients and their dependents. As they are military personnel, they wear their service uniforms to work. Staff are generally drawn from all three services and are liable to be deployed when needed.


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