Ministry of Construction (Israel)

The Ministry of Construction and Housing (Hebrew: מִשְׂרַד הַבִּנּוּי, Misrad HaBinui)[1] is a portfolio in the Israeli cabinet. The ministry was created in 1961. Until 1977 it was known as the Ministry of Housing, and in 1977–2014 as the Ministry of Housing and Construction (Hebrew: מִשְׂרַד הַבִּנּוּי וְהַשִׁכּוּן, Misrad HaBinui VeHaShikun). Construction was also previously part of the Labour and Construction ministry during the provisional government between 1948 and 1949.

Ministry of Construction
משרד הבינוי
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Israel

There has been a Deputy Minister on several occasions.

Since 1967, the Ministry of Housing (as it was known then) assumed a political importance in the context of Israel's relations with the Palestinians, since this ministry is responsible for construction projects at controversial Israeli settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. The political identity of the minister currently in charge, and ministerial decisions on such construction, could impact the overall government policy.

List of ministers

# Minister Party Governments Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Housing
1Giora YoseftalMapai102 November 196123 August 1962Died in office
2Yosef AlmogiMapai10, 11, 1230 October 196223 May 1965
3Levi EshkolMapai1231 May 196512 January 1966Serving Prime Minister
4Mordechai BentovNot an MK13, 1412 January 196615 December 1969Member of Mapam
5Ze'ev SherfAlignment1515 December 196910 March 1974
6Yehoshua RabinovitzNot an MK1610 March 19743 June 1974Member of the Alignment
7Avraham OferAlignment173 June 19743 January 1977Died in office
8Shlomo RosenNot an MK1716 January 197720 June 1977Member of Mapam
Minister of Housing and Construction
9Gideon PattLikud1820 June 197715 January 1979
10David LevyLikud18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 2315 January 197911 June 1990
11Ariel SharonLikud2411 June 199013 July 1992
12Binyamin Ben-EliezerLabor Party25, 2613 July 199218 June 1996
Minister of Housing
13Benjamin NetanyahuLikud2718 June 19966 July 1999Serving Prime Minister
Minister of Housing and Construction
14Yitzhak LevyNational Religious Party286 July 199912 July 2000
Binyamin Ben-EliezerOne Israel2811 October 20007 March 2001
15Natan SharanskyYisrael BaAliyah297 March 200128 February 2003
16Effi EitamNational Religious Party303 March 200310 June 2004
17Tzipi LivniLikud304 July 200410 January 2005Acting minister until 31 August 2004
18Isaac HerzogLabor Party3010 January 200523 November 2005
19Ze'ev BoimKadima3018 January 20064 May 2006
20Meir SheetritKadima314 May 20064 July 2007
Ze'ev BoimKadima314 July 200731 March 2009
21Ariel AtiasShas3231 March 200918 March 2013
Minister of Construction
22Uri ArielThe Jewish Home3318 March 201314 May 2015
23Yoav GalantKulanu3414 May 20152 January 2019
24Yifat Shasha-BitonKulanu349 January 2019

Deputy ministers

# Minister Party Governments Term start Term end
1Moshe KatsavLikud2010 October 198313 September 1984
2Avraham RavitzDegel HaTorah2425 June 199013 July 1992
3Aryeh GamlielShas2529 July 19929 September 1993
4Ran CohenMeretz254 August 199231 December 1992
5Eli Ben-MenachemLabor Party25, 268 April 199318 June 1996
6Alex GoldfarbYiud, Atid25, 262 January 199518 June 1996
7Meir PorushUnited Torah Judaism2724 June 19966 July 1999
Meir PorushUnited Torah Judaism294 June 200128 February 2003
Eli Ben-MenachemLabor Party3011 January 200523 November 2005
8Jackie LevyLikud3414 June 201518 November 2018

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