Ministry of Aliyah and Integration

Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (Ministry of Immigration and Absorption before 2017) (Hebrew: משרד העלייה והקליטה, Misrad HaAliyah VeHaKlita) is a ministry of the Israeli government.

Ministry of Aliyah and Integration
משרד העלייה והקליטה
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Israel
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The Ministry was known until 1951 as the Ministry of Immigration (Hebrew: משרד העלייה, Misrad HaAliya) and later renamed המשרד לקליטת העלייה, HaMisrad LeKlitat HaAliyah. In coordination with local authorities and the Jewish Agency, the Ministry is responsible for helping new immigrants (olim) find employment and accommodation, and gives advice on education, planning and social issues, as well as setting up the "immigrant basket" of benefits (such as tax breaks, grants etc.).

In 2019, a Times of Israel investigation found that all of the success stories on the ministry's Twitter page were invented, except for one person who was not an immigrant. The ministry acknowledged the fabrication and removed them all.[2]

List of ministers

The Minister of Immigration and Absorption (Hebrew: שר העלייה והקליטה, Sar HaAliyah VeKlita) is a minor portfolio in the Israeli cabinet. There is also occasionally a Deputy Minister.[3]

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Immigration
1Haim-Moshe ShapiraUnited Religious FrontP, 1, 2May 14, 1948October 8, 1951
Minister of Immigrant Absorption
2Yigal AllonAlignment13, 14July 1, 1968December 15, 1969
3Shimon PeresAlignment15December 22, 1969July 27, 1970
4Natan PeledAlignment15July 27, 1970March 10, 1974Not an MK
5Shlomo RosenAlignment16, 17March 10, 1974June 20, 1977Not an MK
6David LevyLikud18June 20, 1977August 5, 1981
7Aharon AbuhatziraTami19August 5, 1981May 4, 1982
8Aharon UzanTami19, 20May 4, 1982September 13, 1984
9Ya'akov TzurAlignment21, 22September 13, 1984December 22, 1988
10Yitzhak PeretzShas23, 24December 22, 1988July 13, 1992
11Yair TzabanMeretz25, 26July 13, 1992June 18, 1996
12Yuli-Yoel EdelsteinYisrael BaAliyah27June 18, 1996July 6, 1999
13Ehud BarakOne Israel28July 6, 1999August 5, 1999Serving Prime Minister
14Yuli TamirOne Israel28August 5, 1999March 7, 2001
15Ariel SharonLikud29March 7, 2001February 28, 2003Serving Prime Minister
16Tzipi LivniLikud
30February 28, 2003May 4, 2006
17Ze'ev BoimKadima31May 4, 2006July 4, 2007
18Yaakov EdriKadima31July 4, 200714 July 2008
19Eli AflaloKadima3114 July 200831 March 2009
20Sofa LandverYisrael Beiteinu32, 3331 March 200910 May 2015
21Ze'ev ElkinLikud3414 May 201530 May 2016
Minister of Aliyah and Integration
22Sofa LandverYisrael Beiteinu3430 May 201618 November 2018
Minister of Immigration and Absorption
23Benjamin NetanyahuLikud3418 November 201824 December 2018Serving Prime Minister
24Yariv LevinLikud3424 December 20189 January 2019Acting
25Yoav GalantLikud349 January 2019[1]

Deputy ministers

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end
1Aryeh EliavAlignment13, 14August 12, 1968December 15, 1969
2Shlomo RosenAlignment15November 20, 1972March 10, 1974
3Aharon UzanTami19August 11, 1981May 4, 1982
4Marina SolodkinYisrael BaAliyah28August 5, 1999July 11, 2000
5Yuli-Yoel EdelsteinYisrael BaAliyah29March 7, 2001February 28, 2003
Marina SolodkinKadima30March 30, 2005May 4, 2006


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