Ministers of the French National Convention

The ministers of the French National Convention were appointed on 10 August 1792 after the French Legislative Assembly suspended King Louis XVI and revoked the ministers that he had named.[1]

Ministers of the French National Convention
cabinet of France
Autel de la Convention nationale by François-Léon Sicard (1913)
Date formed10 August 1792
Date dissolved1 April 1794
People and organisations
Head of statePresident of the National Convention
Head of governmentNational Convention (collective)
No. of ministers6
Total no. of ministers17
Member partyMaraisard
Girondin (1792–93)
Status in legislatureNational Convention
Opposition partyUnopposed
Opposition leaderN/A
Legislature term(s)7 September 1792 – 12 October 1795
PredecessorConstitutional Cabinet of Louis XVI
SuccessorCommissioners of the Committee of Public Safety

On 12 Germinal year II (1 April 1794) Lazare Carnot proposed to suppress the executive council and the six ministers, replacing the ministers with twelve Committees reporting to the Committee of Public Safety. The proposal was unanimously adopted by the National Convention.[2]


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Head of Government National Convention10 August 17921 April 1794Independent
Minister of Finances Étienne Clavière[3]10 August 179213 June 1793Girondin
 Louis Destournelles[4]13 June 17931 April 1794Montagnard
Minister of Foreign Affairs Pierre Lebrun-Tondu[3]10 August 179221 June 1793Girondin
 François Chemin Deforgues[4]21 June 17931 April 1794Montagnard
Minister of War Joseph Servan de Gerbey[3]10 August 17923 October 1792Girondin
 Jean-Nicolas Pache[4]3 October 17924 February 1793Montagnard
 Pierre Riel de Beurnonville[4]4 February 17934 April 1793Independent
 Jean Baptiste Bouchotte[4]4 April 17931 April 1794Montagnard
Minister of the Interior Jean-Marie Roland, vicomte de la Platière[3]10 August 179214 March 1793Girondin
 Dominique Joseph Garat[4]14 March 179320 August 1793Girondin
 Jules-François Paré[4]20 August 17931 April 1794Marais
Minister of Justice Georges Danton[3]10 August 179210 October 1792Montagnard
 Dominique Joseph Garat[4]10 October 179220 March 1793Girondin
 Louis-Jérôme Gohier[4]20 March 17931 April 1794Marais
Minister of the Navy and Colonies Gaspard Monge[3]10 August 179210 April 1793Montagnard
 Jean Dalbarade[4]10 April 17931 April 1794Independent



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