Minister for Sport and Civil Society

The Minister of State for Sport, Media and Creative Industries is a junior minister in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom government, with responsibility for sport and Civil Society in England. The current postholder is Nigel Adams [1]

United Kingdom
Minister of State for Sport, Media and Creative Industries
Royal Arms as used by Her Majesty's Government
Nigel Adams

since 25 July 2019
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
StyleSports Minister
Reports toSecretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
NominatorTheresa May
AppointerElizabeth II
Term lengthNo fixed term
Inaugural holderDenis Howell
WebsiteOfficial website

The post is currently at Minister of State Rank. level covering sport, Tourism and Heritage. The sports minister has at various times previously reported to the Department of National Heritage, the Department of Education and Science and the Department of the Environment.

Sport is a devolved matter in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland resting with the corresponding ministers in the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive, although when the Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended, responsibility went to the Northern Ireland Office.

Current Responsibilities

Ministers for Sport

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Denis Howell 1964 1970 Labour Wilson
Eldon Griffiths 1970 1974 Conservative Heath
Denis Howell 1974 1979 Labour Wilson
Hector Monro 1979 1981 Conservative Thatcher
Neil Macfarlane 1981 1985 Conservative Thatcher
Richard Tracey 1985 1987 Conservative Thatcher
Colin Moynihan 1987 1990 Conservative Thatcher
Robert Atkins 1990 1992 Conservative Major
Robert Key 1992 1993 Conservative Major
Iain Sproat 1993 1997 Conservative Major
Tony Banks 1997 1999 Labour Blair
Kate Hoey 1999 2001 Labour Blair
The Rt Hon. Richard Caborn 2001 2007 Labour Blair
Gerry Sutcliffe 2007 2010 Labour Brown
Hugh Robertson 2010 2013 Conservative Cameron
Helen Grant 2013 2015 Conservative Cameron
Tracey Crouch 2015 2018 Conservative Cameron
May I
May II
Mims Davies 2018 2019 Conservative May
Nigel Adams 2019 present Conservative Johnson


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