Minister for Publicity

The Minister for Publicity was a position in the Government of the Irish Republic, the self-declared state which was established in 1919 by Dáil Éireann, the parliamentary assembly made up of the majority of Irish MPs elected in the 1918 general election.


In April 1918, a Sinn Féin Department of Propaganda was established at No. 6 Harcourt Street in charge of Robert Brennan.[1] The portfolio was created to promote the new government of Ireland throughout the country. After the First Dáil came into being a similar department was set up under the new Dáil, concentrating more on overseas publicity. Both Departments co-operated in issuing publicity material.[1] The first Director of Publicity under Dáil Éireann was Laurence Ginnell.[2]

In the First Dáil, the post was called Director of Propaganda.[3] The post was abolished at the end of the Second Dáil.

List of office-holders

Director of Propaganda 19191921

No. Name Term of office Party
1. Laurence Ginnell 1 April 1919 17 June 1919 Sinn Féin
2. Desmond FitzGerald[4] 17 June 1919 11 February 1921 Sinn Féin
3. Erskine Childers[5] 12 February 1921 8 March 1921 Sinn Féin

Minister for Publicity 19211922

No. Name Term of office Party
1. Desmond FitzGerald 26 August 1921 9 September 1922 Sinn Féin


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