Mineral fields of Western Australia

Mining in Western Australia is administered in terms of the administrative divisions of the:-

  • Gold or Mineral Field
  • Goldfield District

There have also been various hierarchies of State Mining Engineer Inspectorate areas, as well as Mining Registrars Offices and areas.

List of fields

The following list is of the current Gold (G.F.) or Mineral (M.F.) Fields in the state[1] The prefix code number is that which is found on maps of the Mineral Fields of the state. Areas are in square kilometres and Gazetted dates are from a 1981 publication.[2] The three areas outside proclaimed Gold Fields are listed below the table: -

Prefix code numberOfficial Gold/Mineral FieldCurrent Goldfield DistrictCurrent mining registrarArea in km2Gazetted date
01Greenbushes M.F.[3]Perth1017 April 1892
04West Kimberley G.F.[4]Karratha225,37319 March 1920
08Ashburton G.F.[5]Karratha69,93025 December 1890
09Gascoyne G.F.[6]Karratha130,53525 June 1897
12Collie River M.F.[7]Perth64021 February 1896
15Coolgardie G.F.CoolgardieCoolgardie24,3046 April 1894
16Coolgardie G.F.KunanallingCoolgardie6004
20Murchison G.F.CueMount Magnet22,25624 September 1891
21Murchison G.F.Day DawnMount Magnet2,320
24Broad Arrow G.F.Kalgoorlie2,66811 November 1896
25East Coolgardie G.F.BulongKalgoorlie2,56421 September 1894
26East Coolgardie G.F.Kalgoorlie2,098
27North East Coolgardie G.F.KanownaKalgoorlie2,83320 March 1896
28North East Coolgardie G.F.KurnalpiKalgoorlie50,531
29North Coolgardie G.F.MenziesKalgoorlie17,26528 June 1895
30North Coolgardie G.F.UllaringKalgoorlie8,011
31North Coolgardie G.F.YerillaKalgoorlie8,184
36East Murchison G.F.LawlersMeekatharra17,33028 June 1895
37Margaret G.F.Mount MalcolmLeonora15,58712 March 1897
38Margaret G. F.Mount MargaretLeonora103,322
39Margaret G.F.Mount MorgansLeonora36,278
40North Coolgardie G.F.NiagaraLeonora1,78228 June 1895
45Pilbara G.F.Marble BarMarble Bar359,6981 October 1888
46Pilbara G.F.NullagineMarble Bar27,516
47West Pilbara G.F.Karratha75,71120 September 1895
51Murchison G.F.MeekatharraMeekatharra31,72724 September 1891
52Peak Hill G.F.Meekatharra84,33019 March 1897
53East Murchison G.F.WilunaLeonora27,18428 June 1895
57East Murchison G.F.Black RangeMount Magnet22,976
58Murchison G.F.Mount MagnetMount Magnet9,67424 September 1891
59Yalgoo G.F.Mount Magnet60,1658 February 1895
63Dundas G.F.[8]Norseman29,60410 January 1896
66Northampton M.F.Perth3,3771 January 1897
69Warburton M.F.Perth15 May 1981
70South West M.F.Perth229,56114 April 1938
74Phillips River G.F.[9]Perth16,83514 July 1899
77Yilgarn G.F.[10]Southern Cross44,8071 October 1888
80Kimberley G.F.[11]Karratha224,83420 May 1886

Mining districts outside proclaimed Gold fields in 1981

  • Eucla 124,500 km2 gazetted 6 October 1967
  • Nabberu 136,250 km2 gazetted 6 October 1967
  • Warburton 260,483 km2 gazetted 6 October 1967 now number 69 above

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