Minedykkerkommandoen (MDK) or Norwegian Naval EOD Command is a clearance diver group. MDK is subordinate to Norwegian Navy Special Warfare Group Marinens Jegervåpen, which is a division of the Royal Norwegian Navy. MDK is located at Haakonsvern Naval Base in Bergen and Ramsund Naval Base, in vicinity of Harstad.

Minedykkerkommandoen (MDK)
Norwegian Naval EOD Command
ActiveFrogmen: 1953 - 1968
MDK: 1968 - current
Country Royal Norwegian Navy
TypeNaval Clearance diver
RoleExplosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)
Expeditionary force
Special Warfare
Garrison/HQHaakonsvern Naval Base
Ramsund Naval Base
ColorsBlue beret flash on navy beret
EngagementsOperation Enduring Freedom
International Security Assistance Force
Operation Pickaxe-Handle
Operation Atalanta
Operation Ocean Shield
Macedonia Conflict
Operation Recsyr

The Commando is part of the naval contribution to the Norwegian Armed Forces Intervention Force, and the command's personnel have taken part in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Baltic states and Mediterranean, among others. The unit is often on assignment for the Norwegian Police Service with bomb disposal.[1][2][3]


In 1953 the Norwegian Navy formed a frogman-unit. This unit was under the command of Ove Lund, and is the origin of the modern Minedykkerkommandoen and Marinejegerkommandoen. The mission of the frogmen was to conduct re-con and sabotage against enemy targets above and below water. The frogmen were also tasked with disarming all water-born explosive devices.

The missions gradually become more comprehensive and different frogman specialities emerged. This led to members of the unit being divided into a clearance diver team and two combat swimmer teams, in 1968.

Selection and training[4]

General selection separates out those who do not have physical and mental abilities to start the clearance diver course. A candidate must contest a strength test, fitness test and a water stress test.[5]

After passing the general selections, an applicant attends the main selection, performed in the winter. It comprises physical and mental exercises with little food and little sleep. Few of those who enter get through.

Following selection, the potential operator starts basic training for 12 months at the Norwegian Navy diver and frogman school, Dykker og Froskemannskolen. This training involves all basic disciplines required to serve as a clearance diver. After training, the candidates who are eligible for operational service are transferred to MDK, to become an EOD operator. Further training is conducted domestically or abroad, at allied training facilities.

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