A minder is the person assigned to guide or escort a visitor, or to provide protection to somebody, or to otherwise assist or take care of something, i.e. a person who "minds".

Government-appointed persons to accompany foreign visitors are often termed minders, assigned to offer assistance such as acting as a guide or as a translator, or protection in dangerous areas, or to define areas of permitted travel. Often they are perceived as also attempting to censor or otherwise control the flow of information to the visitor.[1][2] Government appointed minders are used in North Korea.[3]

Minders can also be personal bodyguards or protectors, either in an official capacity such as protecting celebrities or VIPs, or in an unofficial capacity as a protector of members of the criminal underworld, as described by the UK television series Minder.[4][5]

A minder can also be a term for anyone who looks after the interests of someone or something, such as a talent manager, a caretaker, or a person that ensures that a certain official protocol or plan is adhered to by others, or someone that is designated to look after someone who needs assistance (c.f UK English: Child minder for nanny).[6][7][8][9][10][11]

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