Mind Breaths

Mind Breaths is a book of poetry by Allen Ginsberg published by City Lights Publishers. It contains poems written by Ginsberg between 1972 and 1977.[1]

Some of these poems include:

  • "Ayers Rock Uluru Song" (about Uluru, or Ayers Rock)
  • "Under the World There's a Lot of Ass"
  • "On Neruda's Death" (about Pablo Neruda)
  • "Sweet Boy, Gimme Yr Ass"
  • "Sad Dust Glories"
  • "Ego Confessions"
  • "Jaweh and Allah Battle"
  • "Mugging"
  • "We Rise on Sunbeams and Fall in the Night" (about the death of William Carlos Williams)
  • "Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox"
  • "Rolling Thunder Stones"
  • "Don't Grow Old"
  • "Contest of Bards"


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