Milwaukee Country Day School

Milwaukee Country Day School (MCD) was a country day school in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, United States. It operated under the headmastership of A. Gledden Santer. The school was begun in 1917, "incorporated by leading citizens.".[1] According to alumnus Henry Reuss, "Country Day, with its Church of England prayers, its 'body sports' and its Latin studies, marked the general de-Germanization of Milwaukee culture which occurred in the 1920s."[2]

In 1964 it merged with two other local day schools (Milwaukee University School and Milwaukee-Downer Seminary) to become the University School of Milwaukee. MCD's facilities became the South Campus, which operated until it closed in 1985.[3] It is now the home of the Milwaukee Jewish Day School.

The school appears in the novel Shadowland by alumnus Peter Straub.[4]

Notable alumni

Further reading

  • Stark, William F. "Be A Great Boy": The Story of Milwaukee Country Day School 1917-1963. Milwaukee Country Day School Alumni Association, circa 1963


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