Mills of the Gods

The Mills of the Gods is an American silent film. It was the first three-reel "feature" directed by Ralph Ince; production company Vitagraph entrusted him with this longer project after being impressed by his work on the two-reel Double Danger.[1]

The Mills of the Gods
Directed byRalph Ince
Written byGeorge P. Dillenback (story)
StarringRosemary Theby
Distributed byVitagraph
Release date
November 4, 1912
CountryUnited States
English intertitles


  • L. Rogers Lytton as Lorenzo
  • Leo Delaney as Miguel
  • Rosemary Theby as Giulia
  • Zena Keefe as Maria, Giulia's Sister
  • George Cooper as Tano, an Instrument of Lorenzo's
  • Tefft Johnson as Piche, Miguel's Brother
  • Adele DeGarde as Rosa, Miguel's Daughter
  • Harry Northrub as DeWaldis, Giulia's Lawyer
  • Evelyn Dominicus as The She-Wolf
  • Mrs. Maurice Costello as The Nurse


The Mills of the Gods was released domestically on November 4, 1912.[2] The novel by George P. Dillenback was reissued by Grosset & Dunlap in a hardcover printing featuring stills from the film.[3]

The film played in Rotterdam at the Parisien Theater from January 24 to 30, 1913, followed by a run at Amsterdam's Cinema Palace from February 28 to March 6.[4] At the same time, at least one print was working its way through New Zealand, where it played in Sydenham in late February,[5] in Whanganui in March,[6] and in North Otago in May.[7]


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