Millie West Tennis Facility

The Millie West Tennis Facility, formerly called the Busch Tennis Courts, are the tennis courts used by the College of William and Mary’s tennis teams during the outdoor season. The facility is named after Millie West, a contributor of over 50 years to William & Mary athletics. The original name for the small stadium came from Anheuser-Busch, formerly the largest American brewer. Anheuser-Busch has a large presence in the Williamsburg area, including a brewery and the theme park Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Adjacent to the Busch Tennis Courts is Busch Field, also sponsored by the company.

Busch Tennis Courts
location = Williamsburg, VA
OwnerCollege of William and Mary
OperatorWilliam and Mary Sports
SurfaceHard court
ArchitectLocal contractors
William & Mary Tribe Tennis

There are eight tennis courts altogether, each one of them being a hard court. A unique feature to its design are the “California Corners”, which includes quarter fences that run along the sidelines to allow uninterrupted play.

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