Mile-a-Minute Kendall

Mile-a-Minute Kendall is a lost[1] American silent drama film directed by William Desmond Taylor originally released in 1918. Jack Pickford plays the title role, a wealthy, rakish young man who falls for a gold-digger. The "beautiful but unscrupulous fortune hunter" who tempts Kendall is played by Lottie Pickford, Jack's sister; a contemporary review in Variety noted that "the idea of a sister 'vamping' her own brother is not exactly palatable."[2] Louise Huff plays the good girl in the story.[3]

Mile-a-Minute Kendall
Directed byWilliam Desmond Taylor
Produced byJesse L. Lasky
Written byGardner Hunting
Based onMile-a-Minute Kendall
by Owen Davis
StarringJack Pickford
Louise Huff
Charles Arling
Jane Wolfe
Casson Ferguson
Lottie Pickford
Jack McDonald
W.E. Lawrence
John Burton
CinematographyFrank E. Garbutt
Distributed byFamous Players-Lasky Co.
Paramount Pictures
Release date
  • May 13, 1918 (1918-05-13)
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)



Good reviews marked the release of this film. Pickford received excellent reviews for his performance which was described as "refreshing" by Photoplay.[2] Mile-a-Minute Kendall was paired with the Mack Sennett comedy short A Battle Royal in some theaters during its original release.[4]

Like many American films of the time, Mile-a-Minute Kendall was subject to cuts by city and state film censorship boards. For example, the Chicago Board of Censors required cuts, in Reel 2, of the second view of a letter with the words "We'll always be friends on the side", two near views of intoxicated young woman seated on table smoking cigarettes, flash two scenes of semi-nude man and woman dancing in restaurant, first view of intoxicated young woman standing against wall, two scenes of bouncing young woman on tapestry and following scene of men carrying her off on their shoulders, scene of intoxicated woman on settee, and, Reel 4, the intertitle ending "That man has been her lover for years".[5]


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