Mildred Johnston

Mildred Johnston (born Mildred Bell; June 11, 1890  March 20, 1974) was an American film editor active in the 1920s and 1930s.[1]

Mildred Johnston
Mildred Maxwell Bell

June 11, 1890
Missouri, USA
DiedMarch 20, 1974 (aged 83)
Los Angeles, California, USA
EducationUniversity of Missouri
OccupationFilm editor
Spouse(s)Richard Johnston


Mildred was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1890, the daughter of Thomas Bell and May Greene. Her father, the city auditor (and a respected journalist), died of typhoid fever when she was 8.[2] She later attended college at the University of Missouri.

By the early 1920s, she was living in Los Angeles with her mother, where she was working as an assistant film editor and script girl. In 1921, she married Richard Johnston, an assistant director and production manager at Paramount. The pair had two daughters.[3]

Between 1928 and 1935, she edited almost three dozen films, most of which were produced by Liberty Pictures. Much of her earlier work during that time range was on B-Westerns. She was also a founding member of the Blind Children's Center of Los Angeles.[4]

By the late 1940s, she seems to have retired from the film industry; her last known credit was on 1935's The Old Homestead. She died on March 20, 1974, in Valley Village, California.[4]

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