Milan International

The Milan International was a world's fair held in Milan in 1906[1] titled L'Esposizione Internazionale del Sempione, or sometimes The Great Expo of Work.[2] It received 4,012,776 visits and covered 250 acres.[3]

Esposizione Internazionale del Sempione
Expo's poster with railwaymen watching Milan from the Simplon Tunnel's portal
BIE-classUniversal exposition
CategoryHistorical Expo
NameEsposizione Internazionale del Sempione
BuildingSimplon Tunnel
Area100 Ha
VenueParco Sempione
Coordinates45°28′22.4″N 9°10′28″E
Opening28 April 1906 (1906-04-28)
Closure11 November 1906 (1906-11-11)
Universal expositions
PreviousLiège International (1905) in Liège
NextBrussels International 1910 in Brussels
OtherInternational Exhibition (1906)


The fair opened on 28 April 1906, ran until 31 October[3] and marked the opening of the Simplon Tunnel. The fair was held in Sempione Park and Piazza d'Armi',[2] with the first location hosting fine arts displays and the latter industrial and engineering exhibits, along with the foreign pavilions.[1] Countries contributing included many from Western Europe,[4] China, Japan, Turkey, United States, Canada and several South American countries shared a pavilion.[4]


The International Commission on Occupational Health was founded at the Milan International and is still active; and the Milan aquarium was built, and is still standing.


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