Milak, the Greenland Hunter

Milak, the Greenland Hunter (German: Milak, der Grönlandjäger) is a 1928 German silent adventure film directed by Georg Asagaroff and Bernhard Villinger and starring Ruth Weyher, Nils Focksen and Lotte Lorring.[1]

Milak, the Greenland Hunter
Directed byGeorg Asagaroff
Bernhard Villinger
Written byArnold Fanck
Armin Petersen
Bernhard Villinger
StarringRuth Weyher
Nils Focksen
Lotte Lorring
CinematographySepp Allgeier
Richard Angst
Albert Benitz
Distributed byUFA
Release date
6 June 1928
German intertitles

Made by UFA, it was shot on location in Greenland.


  • Ruth Weyher as Movie part
  • Nils Focksen as Movie part
  • Lotte Lorring as Movie part
  • Iris Arlan as Movie part
  • Helmer Hannsen as Movie part
  • Robby Robert as Movie part
  • Sepp Allgeier as Expeditionsteilnehmer - Himself
  • Richard Angst as Expeditionsteilnehmer - Himself
  • Harry Bellinghausen as Expeditionsteilnehmer - Himself
  • Albert Benitz as Expeditionsteilnehmer - Himself
  • Waldemar Coste as Expeditionsteilnehmer - Himself
  • Bernhard Villinger as Expeditionsleiter - Himself


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