Mikkel Vibe House

The Mikkel Vibe House /Danish: Mikkel Vibes Gård) is a historic property located at Strandgade 32 in the Christianshavn neighbourhood of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is believed to be the oldest building in Christianshavn and takes its name after Mikkel Vibe who was mayor of Copenhagen.

Mikkel Vibe House
Mikkel Vibes Gård
General information
Coordinates55°40′27.42″N 12°35′25.82″E
Construction started1622
ClientMikkel Vibe


The house was built in the 1720s, shortly after Christianshavn had been founded on reclaimed land by Christian IV. Later residents include the zoologist H. N. Krøyer (1799–1870) lived in the building from 1840 to 1842.[1]


The complex consistsog the two wings facing Strandgade and Sankt Annæ Gade as well as a side wing to the south.[2]


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