Mike Slamer

Michael Chetwynd "Mike" Slamer is a British guitarist.

Mike Slamer
OriginUnited Kingdom
GenresRock, glam metal
Associated actsCity Boy
Seventh Key
Steelhouse Lane
Devil's Hand


Slamer started his career playing in the UK prog-rock band City Boy. Since then, he has worked as a staff composer for various movies and TV series, has been a session guitarist for numerous recording artists, and played in several bands. He provided the guitar solos on Warrant's first two albums, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Cherry Pie.[1] He also contributed a solo on a Kix record.

He at different times cooperated with two members of the progressive rock band Kansas. With Steve Walsh he formed Streets,[2] and with Billy Greer he created the band Seventh Key. Streets released two albums on the Atlantic label, 1st (1983) and Crimes in Mind (1985). A live Streets album was released on the BMG label in 1997 and features a concert for the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show from 1983.

Slamer has also released two albums with the group Steelhouse Lane, plus a solo album entitled Nowhere Land, with former Strangeways member Terry Brock on vocals (2006).

Slamer recently released a new album entitled "Devil's Hand" with Last in Line vocalist Andrew Freeman (December 2018).


with City Boy

  • 1976: City Boy
  • 1977: Dinner at the Ritz
  • 1977: Young Men Gone West
  • 1978: Book Early
  • 1979: The Day the Earth Caught Fire
  • 1980: Heads Are Rolling
  • 1981: It's Personal
  • 2001: Anthology (compilation)

with Streets

with Steelhouse Lane

  • 1998: Metallic Blue (Avex Trax) (guitar)
  • 1999: Slaves of the New World (Escape Music Ltd.) (producer, guitar)

Chris Thompson and Mike Slamer

  • 2001: Won't Lie Down (CD) (guitar)

with Seventh Key

  • 2001: Seventh Key (with Billy Greer) (CD) (producer, guitar)
  • 2004: The Raging Fire (with Billy Greer) (CD)
  • 2005: Seventh Key Live in Atlanta (with Billy Greer) (CD and DVD)
  • 2013: I Will Survive (with Billy Greer) (CD)

with Devil's Hand

  • 2018: Devil's Hand (with Andrew Freeman) (CD) (producer, guitar)

Album credits

Angry Anderson
  • 1990: Blood from Stone (CD) (guitar)
Steve Walsh
  • 2000: Glossolalia (CD) (guitar)
Terry Brock
  • 2010: Diamond Blue (CD) (producer, guitar)

As solo artist (Slamer)

  • 2006: Nowhere Land (Frontiers Records)


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