Mike Lipskin

Mike Lipskin is a stride jazz pianist of the pre-bop jazz style who has created his own special mode within the idiom, piano instructor, record producer and author. Born 1945, he has striven to keep alive the form of jazz piano known as Harlem Stride Piano, performing varied repertoire and originals, and has concertized throughout the United States and Europe, both singly and with Dinah Lee, a trad jazz singer. He played piano and organ on Papa John Creach's self-titled album, produced Ryo Kawasaki's Juice album, and produced Gil Evans' Gil Evans Orchestra Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix. His 1958 photographs and commentary contributed to the 1995 documentary film A Great Day in Harlem.[1] Lipskin performed at the Fats Waller centennial concert at the 22nd San Francisco Jazz Festival.[2] "Mike Lipskin plays stride with great accuracy - Eubie Blake. "Mike Lipskin performed Carolina Shout in a tribute to his teacher Willie the Lion Smith with outstanding improvisation" Peter Watrous, NY Times. Lipskin has directed and performed in six Davies Symphony Hall Stride Summits in San Francisco and performed at Carnegie Hall. He has several recordings both as soloist and with other pre-bop musicians available on CD Baby, and through mikelipskinjazz.com.


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