Midnite Movies

Midnite Movies is a line of B movies released first on VHS and later on DVD by MGM Home Entertainment. The line was begun by MGM in March 2001 following its acquisition of Orion Pictures, which bought out Filmways, the owner of American International Pictures. AIP had a library of B movies from the 1950s and 1960s that were science fiction, horror, and exploitation films. The "Midnite Movies" collection is primarily derived from the AIP library (including most of Roger Corman and Vincent Price's horror movies) but also included Hammer Film Productions, Amicus Productions, United Artists, and Empire International Pictures movies as well. The DVDs were first released as single films, but most later releases would be double features on single double-sided discs.[1] Sony Pictures Home Entertainment later became owners of the MGM library and continued the "Midnite Movies" line with distributor 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. All double feature titles released on the 20th Century Fox label were two-disc packages. By 2011, no new titles were forthcoming; the previous catalog titles slowly went out of print and the "Midnite Movies" website was taken down.[2]

Midnite Movies
IndustryMotion picture video production
ProductsVHS, DVD

Beginning in 2013, independent media labels such as Shout Factory, Scream Factory, Kino Lorber Studio Classics, Twilight Time and Olive Films have licensed titles from the former “Midnite Movies” line for Blu-ray release.


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