Midnight Killer

Midnight Killer (Italian: Morirai a mezzanotte) is an Italian giallo film starring Valeria D'Obici and Leonardo Treviglio, and directed by Lamberto Bava.[4][5]

Midnight Killer
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti[1]
Directed byLamberto Bava
Produced by
  • Lamberto Bava
  • Massimo Manasse
  • Marco Grillo Spina[2]
Screenplay by
  • Lamberto Bava
  • Dardano Sacchetti[3]
Music byClaudio Simonetti[3]
CinematographyGianlorenzo Battaglia[3]
Edited byLamberto Bava[2]


A mysterious serial killer who is terrorizing a city with a long series of murders, all women, kill the wife of a police officer, who is suspected to be guilty. Sara, a criminologist who is investigating the case of the legendary "Midnight Ripper", a sex maniac who died years before, instead, is convinced that, he is innocent, and suspects that the ripper is still alive.


  • Valeria D'Obici as Anna Berardi
  • Leonardo Treviglio as Nicola Levi
  • Paolo Malco as Inspector Piero Terzi
  • Lara Wendel as Carol Terzi
  • Lea Martino as Gioia
  • Eliana Miglio as Monica (as Eliana Hoppe)
  • Barbara Scoppa as Sara Levi
  • Massimiliano Baratta as (as Massimo Baratta)
  • Loredana Romito as Nurse
  • Dino Conti as Terzi's Assistant
  • Marcello Modugno as Alberto
  • Loredana Guerra as Lingerie Saleslady
  • Gianpaolo Saccarola as Theater Watchman
  • Peter Pitsch as Franco Tribbo


Midnight Killer was Lamberto Bava's second giallo film.[3] He later stated he was uneasy making these types of films, stating that "I find doing scenes where women get stabbed to death repugnant. Dario Argento does it so well, but I feel sick as soon as I see the knife in the murderer's hand"[3]


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