Midi Minuit Fantastique

Midi Minuit Fantastique (1962–1972)[1] was a French film magazine published by Eric Losfeld (publisher of Adonis Kyrou and film magazine Positif). Michel Caen and Alain Le Bris started it, accompanied by Jean Boullet and Jean-Claude Romer.

The magazine was dedicated to the fantastique, horror and science fiction films of the 1960s. It had a guide to the Parisian film theatres showing those cultish genres.

Some Midi Minuit Fantastique issues were dedicated to special themes (King Kong, Dracula, The Most Dangerous Game).

In later days, when acceptance of alternative canons of cinema had grown, Midi Minuit Fantastique sometimes dealt with more mainstream subject matter with profiles on Samuel Fuller, Otto Preminger or Federico Fellini.

Literary fiction was also the subject of Midi Minuit, with an essay on Gaston Leroux by Jean Rollin. During its existence the magazine produced a total of twenty-four issues.[1]

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