Mickey's Follies

Mickey's Follies is a Mickey Mouse short animated film first released on August 28, 1929, as part of the Mickey Mouse film series. It was directed by Ub Iwerks and Wilfred Jackson, with music by Carl Stalling. It was produced in black and white by The Walt Disney Studio and released to theaters by Celebrity Productions.[2] It was the tenth Mickey Mouse short to be produced, the seventh of that year.[1]

Mickey's Follies
Directed by
Produced byWalt Disney
StarringWalt Disney
Music byCarl Stalling
Animation byUb Iwerks
Color processBlack and white
Distributed byCelebrity Productions
Release date
  • August 28, 1929 (1929-08-28)
Running time
6 minutes
CountryUnited States

This cartoon is the first in which Mickey sings, and the song -- "Minnie's Yoo-Hoo" -- was used as the opening theme for all of the Mickey Mouse cartoons from The Jazz Fool (1929) to Mickey's Steam Roller (1934).[2] Mickey's singing voice is provided by an unknown studio employee; in these early days, Walt Disney was not yet the exclusive voice for Mickey.[1]


The animals in the barnyard are watching a series of short song and dance numbers performed by other barnyard animals, similar to the Ziegfeld Follies of the day. It opens with Mickey playing the piano with other animals. A series of other short song and dance numbers presume. The cartoon ends with Mickey giving a solo performance of his theme song.

Along with Mickey, Minnie Mouse is shown in the audience cheering for Mickey. There is also a cast of other barnyard animals including dancing ducks, dancing chickens, a singing pig, and various other barnyard animals in the audience.

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