Michelle Allen

Michelle Allen (née Michelle Harding) is a Canadian female curler.[1]

Michelle Allen
Michelle Harding
Curling clubJuan de Fuca CC, Victoria,
Kelowna CC, Kelowna,
Duncan CC, Duncan,
Victoria CC, Victoria
Member Association Canada
Hearts appearances5 (1999, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
World Championship
2 (2006, 2007)

She was the alternate on the 2007 World champion and 2006 World bronze medallist Kelly Scott rink from 2005 to 2010.


1994–95Michelle HardingShalegh BeddingtonDenise ByersKim DanderferCJCC 1995 (8th)
1998–99Pat SandersMichelle HardingCindy TuckerDenise ByersShalegh BeddingtonSTOH 1999 (11th)
2004–05Kelly ScottMichelle AllenSasha CarterRenee SimonsCheryl Noble
Gerry Richard
STOH 2005
2005–06Kelly ScottJeanna SchraederSasha CarterRenee SimonsMichelle Allen
Gerry Richard
COCT 2005
STOH 2006
WCC 2006
2006–07Pat SandersCheryl NobleMichelle AllenRoz CraigBC STOH 2007 (4th)
2006–07Kelly ScottJeanna SchraederSasha CarterRenee SimonsMichelle Allen
Gerry Richard
CCC 2006
STOH 2007
WCC 2007
2007–08Kelly ScottJeanna SchraederSasha CarterRenee SimonsMichelle Allen
Gerry Richard
CCC 2007
STOH 2008 (8th)
WCC 2007
2009–10Kelly ScottJeanna SchraederSasha CarterJacquie ArmstrongMichelle Allen
Gerry Richard
COCT 2009 (8th)
2010–11Sarah Wark (4th)Michelle AllenRoselyn Craig (skip)Megan ReidBC STOH 2011
2011–12Sarah WarkMichelle AllenRoselyn CraigMegan ReidDenise Sellers
2011–12Sarah Wark (4th)Michelle AllenSimone BrosseauRoselyn Craig (skip)BC STOH 2012 (4th)
2013–14Sarah WarkMichelle AllenSimone BrosseauRachelle Kallechy
2014–15Sarah WarkSimone BrosseauMichelle AllenRachelle KallechyAdina TasakaBC STOH 2015
2015–16Sarah WarkSimone BrosseauMichelle AllenRachelle KallechyBC STOH 2016 (4th)
Mixed curling
2015–16Wes CraigSarah WarkMiles CraigMichelle AllenCMxCC 2015 (4th)


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